Affinity Nursing Recruitment has been built upon our values of providing quality recruitment services in a highly professional manner. As a result, a high volume of our growth has been by way of referrals from satisfied employees.

We have implemented a referral bonus program that rewards Affinity Employees for promoting our business and to show thanks for their continued support and advocating for our services. All referral bonuses are subject to approval as outlined in the below terms and conditions.

  • The referred candidate must be a new candidate who has not registered with Affinity Nursing Recruitment before.
  • The referred candidate must mention your name at time of registration for our reporting purposes and validity of the referral.
  • Later notification of the referral will result in the reward not being offered.
  • The reward is offered once the referred candidate satisfactorily completes 6 weeks on contract with Affinity Nursing Recruitment.
  • To claim payment of the reward, a completed Employee Referral Bonus Form must be submitted to Affinity’s payroll team via email: [email protected]
    The claim must be submitted within 6 weeks of the referred candidates first contract commencement date.
  • Claims will be subjected to an approval process; payment is not guaranteed in the following pay week.
  • If the referred candidate nominates more than 1 referee, the reward will be split between them
  • The reward will be paid at the bonus amount that was on offer at the time of the referral’s registration. The amount will not be negotiable.
  • All referral rewards are at the discretion of Affinity Nursing Recruitment.


  • To be considered an Affinity Ambassador, you will need to refer a minimum of 5 nurses who are successful in obtaining a contract with Affinity Nursing Recruitment.
  • A higher paid bonus will apply to Affinity Ambassadors once the minimum nurse referrals (5) has been achieved.
  • All conditions as stipulated above for every referral bonus, will apply.