Affinity RNs (from left to right, top to bottom) Tash/Natalie/Amy/Melinda/Ivy/Seamus/Ellie/Joe

Fancy a working holiday with guaranteed shifts and travel opportunities?
It’s your chance to get paid to see the country, hone your clinical skills, advance your career and make a difference.
Short/long-term, full time roles available in every state!

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frequently asked questions

Do I need to resign from my current employer?

No you do not need to. Many of our rural and remote nurses’ complete contracts whilst on annual or long service leave from their current employment.

If you do resign, we will always work extremely hard to secure as much work for you as you desire.

Will you help me with my own travel and accommodation?

Yes, we will organise your travel and accommodation, so you can relax knowing all the details are taken care of.

Is there enough work?

Demand is high across the board for all clinical areas. As the largest provider of agency contracts to rural, remote and regional locations our staff can be assured they are getting the largest selection of great jobs in the best locations.