Affinity’s Promise to You

Nursing recruitment that cares for you

Australia’s best provider of agency contracts to rural and remote locations for registered nurses and midwives.

Why choose Affinity Nursing?

We’re a preferred provider of nursing and midwifery staff to the health departments of Queensland, Western Australia and the top provider of agency staff to Tasmanian facilities. All nursing and midwifery jobs in those locations are offered to our staff first.

We focus on you. Our consultants work hard to meet your needs whether that be your desire to enjoy the lifestyle particular locations can offer, or to have work within a particular clinical specialty. We offer the highest pay rates, and are considered one of the best nursing agencies in Australia.

We are a friendly and efficient team, aware of the opportunities available to you across Australia. To ensure a smooth transition, we arrange all your travel and accommodation needs. We pride ourselves on being a boutique agency that delivers exceptional service.

With more than 18 years of established relationships with a large number of hospitals throughout Australia we can offer jobs in Victoria, the Northern Territory, Canberra and New South Wales.