South Australia offers a relaxed, family-friendly lifestyle and is renowned for its natural wonders, wildlife and wine culture. Travel-nurse your way through South Australia and meet the abundant wildlife down at Kangaroo Island or awaken your senses by immersing yourself in the vast outback mountain ranges of the Flinders Range – your options are limitless.

Most facilities in South Australia have small bed numbers with a strong focus on emergency department (ED), acute, aged care and maternity wards. Agency nurses with strong midwifery, ED and aged care skills are highly sought after.

Pursue the optimal work life balance with Affinity and discover the incredible regions South Australia has to offer below!

Eyre and Far North Local Health Network

The Adventure Seeker’s Paradise

Tick off your bucket list at the Eyre Peninsula, home to kilometers of spectacular coastlines. Swim with sea lions or kickback and treat yourself to some fresh oysters – the choice is yours.

The region is home to popular travel destinations such as Port Lincoln, also known as the “Seafood Capital of Australia”. The city is situated on Boston Bay, the largest natural harbour in Australia, perfect for travel nurses and midwives seeking a truly unforgettable getaway experience.

With ten facilities scattered across the region, aged care, community health, disability and mental health services are required, with a high demand for remote area nurses (RAN) and midwives.

Photo credit: RN Alice

So many facilities, so little time

The Yorke and Northern LHN is home to the highest number of facilities in the region of South Australia. A three-hour drive from Adelaide brings you to Port Pirie, the hub of the region and home to a community where members can meet, share and learn together.

Branch off south from Port Pirie and you will find more small cities and towns scattered across the region. Head onto a charter boat and fish in the Port Broughton gulf or go on a historic walking trail to explore heritage buildings in Maitland.

Services in this region include emergency, day and inpatient surgery, Indigenous health, maternity, community-based health and aged care.

Photo credit: RN/RM Sinead

Gateway to the Flinders Ranges

A popular city in the Flinders and Upper North LHN region is Port Augusta, also known as the “Crossroads of Australia”, earning its nickname by being situated in the highways connecting Sydney to Perth and Adelaide to Darwin.

The region is also home to the Flinders Ranges and Outback, traditionally owned by the Adnyamathanha people whose knowledge dates back to the very distant past and plays an important role in making the Ranges a top candidate for the World Heritage listings.

Services in this region include aged care, acute and mental health, with a high demand for midwives in facilities such as Whyalla.

Photo credit: RN Helena

Seals of approval and ‘roos

The Barossa Hills Fleurieu LHN is home to Kangaroo Island, the go-to choice for many travel nurses and midwives! Also known as “Karta Pintingga” by the Aboriginal people, the small island is situated in the southwestern part of South Australia.

Head north-east and cross the sea from Kangaroo Island to find the town of Tanunda, home to the Barossa Vintage Festival, a cultural festival that celebrates the food, wine, arts, heritage and community of the award-winning wine region.

The region provides acute services in hospital care, specialist surgical, obstetrics and outpatients. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to broaden your nursing and midwifery skillsets!

What our nurses say about facilities

“My first contract in SA was such a warm welcome. Lovely, professional and friendly team. Awesome CNM, and positive enthusiastic working environment.

Great opportunity for me to teach new grads and students. Totally loved the awesome support from the Affinity team, they are perfect. Thank you.”

– RN Jacqueline, Peterborough

What our nurses say about their adventures

“I worked in Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) at Crystal Brook and the team of midwives there were fantastic and very welcoming.

The hospital staff who I met were all lovely and happy to show me around when I was in the hospital for a birth. It was a great place to work.”

– RN/RM Sinead, Crystal Brook

What our nurses say about facilities

“The Crystal Brook/Jamestown Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) is an extremely organised, harmonious group of 4 midwives.

This practice is structured in a way that midwife visits are done in the women’s homes when there are no doctor visits. As a result, you get to do plenty of driving around the gorgeous South Australian countryside.”

– RM Sally, Crystal Brook

What our nurses say about their adventures

“Their ED department are very welcoming and lovely. There are costal, garden and cliff walks, with a cinema open on weekends.

There is also a train that does a scenic route occasionally and if you have access to a car, there are lots of mountain ranges in the surrounding areas.”

– RN Helena, Port Augusta

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