Should I try travel nursing & midwifery? Absolutely!

Whether you’re chasing a long or short term contract, this is your perfect chance to explore rural and remote Australia.

Travel nursing and midwifery lets you live in a new place of your choice, hone valuable skills, and earn maximum wages while making a difference! 

Enrich your lifestyle personally and professionally, and say yes to an adventure!

Building your career
is our top priority

Be supported the entire time you work in rural or remote facilities with our in-house educators and long-serving consultants.

Never worked Rural or Remote before? Our special Transition program has helped thousands of nurses and midwives, just like you, settle and adjust into their placement smoothly. Your contracts will always be carefully managed to evolve your skills and knowledge.

I'm ready!
RN Jenna

Travel with best-in-class benefits

Here’s why agency nurses enjoy working Rural & Remote with us.

Ongoing Education Support

Get access to quality education from Affinity in-house educators. Never stop growing, even as you travel.


It’s your chance to be paid to travel! No matter where you are, we will secure you the best pay rates possible.


Be in control at all times, with the security to work when and where you want.

Travel & Accommodation Organised

With accommodation and travel handled by us, you can relax knowing all the details are taken care of.

You get the best match

Unlike most agencies, we don’t work on commission, meaning we always take the time to find the right role for you .

Free of pushy targets to meet, we make sure your clinical experiences are tailored carefully so you can make the most of your time as a travel nurse.


The future is bright with travel nursing & midwifery opportunities nationwide

Adventure, money and independence are the top three reasons why nurses and midwives become travellers.

And with an expected nursing shortage of more than 120,000 by 2030, the opportunities and unforgettable rewards for nursing contracts are crystal clear!

See why agency nurses & midwives love

life on the road

See why agency nurses/midwives love life on the road


What I love about travel nursing is meeting new people and seeing new places. It does feel like you’re on holiday all the time. I love the flexibility of being able to work for as long or as little as I want. It’s also interesting to see how different areas of the country nurse. Each place has taught me new skills.”

RN Amy

RM Nikita

The main benefit to this lifestyle is work life balance! No-one can deny your leave, you just take contracts when and where you want them.

I also love being able to combine my love of travel with my career. Travelling this way has made me a lot more resilient and independent. I also find that the friendships I forge with people are far deeper and meaningful.”

RM Nikita

Lady smiling on a pathway on a mountain

My placement specialist Katie has been fantastic in finding contracts that are suitable for me in what I want to experience and achieve from each placement.

Everything is organised really well, making moving around the country is a smooth journey, so there’s more time to relax and start the next adventure!”

RN Sarah

map (1)Above banner photo: Docker River, NT as seen by RAN Sue

Ready to explore rural and remote Australia?

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