Discover the diversity and beauty of regional Victoria working as a travel nurse! Drive along the Great Ocean Road and see the 12 Apostles, or the winter migration of majestic whales. Or head inland to Grampians National Park to see Mackenzie falls, one of the largest waterfalls in Victoria, and stunning mountain views.

Affinity can take you where you want to go in Victoria! Get inspired and discover the perfect location for yourself. Read how previous nurses have loved it!


Heritage, history and exploration

Stretching from the western edge of Melbourne to the South Australian border, the Grampians is an explorer’s dream for visitors and travel nurses! Home to The Great Dividing Range, enrich your knowledge at historic Aboriginal sites, Grampians National Park and gold mining heritage sites.

Here, Ballarat Health Services is the main referral hospital, offering 24/7 care across their main wards. This is the ideal spot for nurses in mental health services, with full teams like access & triage, inpatient, adult & youth inpatient, geriatrics, allied services and more.

The Murray River and all its glory

Occupying most of the Victoria High Country, Loddon Mallee Region is well-known for tourists making the most of the Murray River. Conveniently sitting along the border of SA and NSW, family and fishing enthusiasts should put this on their go-to list!

Nurses looking for medical/surgical, theatre, ICU, mental health and allied services, you can’t go wrong at Mildura Base Hospital. This main facility holds 162 beds, and gives perfect access to the Murray River and renowned Mungo National Park.

Photo Credit: RM Lynn

Lush, green valleys & chilled, white snow

Bound by Victorian Alps and the famous Murray River, this area is better known as High Country Victoria. Thanks to the high rainfall, Hume boasts more luscious national parks and wetlands than you can count with your fingers. For those chasing snow and skiing, Mount Hotham is another must-go location.

For nurses going into Shepparton; Goulburn Valley Health, the main referral health service, is full of rich work in rehab & palliative care, mental health, women’s & children’s services, and community-based health programs.

Sandy coasts and fresh, leafy bushwalks

Known for more than its yoghurt, Gippsland is home to the world’s second largest beach, Ninety Mile Beach, fringed by the famous Gippsland lakes! Further up, engross yourself in the pristine coastline and hinterland to surf and bushwalk nearby at Croajingolong National Park.

Bairnsdale Regional Health Service is a popular choice for nurses, sitting central in the Gippsland Region. It holds lots of room to work in different settings, with an offsite aged care service, 24/7 emergency, medical/surgical, theatre services, allied and community health.

The Great Ocean roadtrip

The most South Western Region in Victoria, Barwon’s large, unforgettable coastline is dotted with must-see sights like The Great Ocean Road, and The Twelve Apostles.

Nearby, nurses can head to Otway Health, an urgent care multipurpose centre primely positioned in Apollo Bay. This is a fantastic spot to enjoy the view while helping the community and working across broad skills. It holds up to 26 beds, with 20 aged care beds and a 2-bed urgent care centre.

What our nurse say about their adventures


“Mildura is very accessible because it has an airport that has flights to Melbourne, busses that are on time, and also a taxi service that is really good. Weather is nice if you hate rain.

If you are a foodie, Mildura can offer you a lot of options. From Asian influence takeaways to Italian restaurants, the choice is varied. Notable mentions are Big Lizzy Pizza and 48 flavours of gelato.”

– RN Viktor

What our nurse say about facilities

“The DON has been excellent. She has been very supportive. Majority of the staff have been great to work with too.”

– Affinity RN at Malle Track Health

What our nurse say about facilities

Viktor- photo

“I have worked in A&E during my stint in Mildura, and all I could say is the staff are warm and welcoming, they have good team work, and I always feel that I was part of the team from the get go.

If given the chance I’l be happy to return and work with them again.”

– RN Viktor, Mildura


What our nurse say about their adventures

“My placement grew into 18 months of being part of an incredible family. From the ICU team to each and every member of the staff, Wimmera Base Hospital has become my second home.

I have been fortunate, together with my husband Kevin, to fit in a lot of hiking, races, camping and sightseeing. Horsham is a big country town with a great feel and a lot of heart. It’s a community that works, plays and sticks together.”

– RN Merle, Wimmera Base Hospital, Horsham

What our nurse say about facilities

“Staff have been friendly, helpful and supportive. The orientation was good as an orientation pack was provided and I was buddied with a regular permanent Rn for my first shift, whom orientated me to the campus.”

– Affinity RN in Manangatang

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