The perfect contract that matches your preferences, the smooth journey to your location, and the prompt pay landing in your account – these are the faces behind it all! 

Rest easy knowing you’re in good hands every step of the way and you’ll never be left in the dark!

Recruitment & Placement

Your success takes centre stage every time, because an experienced consultant from both teams gets assigned to everyone!

Applying for jobs can be tedious, but our recruitment & placement teams will guide and support you and help you get familiar with facilities.

Your unique experience and background is the best guide for our recruiters and placement specialists to find the next best roles for you.


The headache of trip planning is completely taken care of, thanks to our travel experience team! You won’t need any Panadol here.

When you fly out, where you stay, and every other detail is sorted by us for a smooth journey.


Gone are the times of paperwork expiring without realising – our eagle-eyed compliance team is here to track your documents, remind you to keep your papers up-to-date, and compliant with facility requirements!

Client Team

Nurses getting first dibs on certain roles is all thanks to our strong relationships with client facilities! Being the preferred provider means your bucket list will be getting ticked off in no time.


We all know the jump of excitement seeing your rewarding pay land in your account. Our diligent and accurate payroll team makes sure you get paid your worth! They’re also here to assist you with any other financial enquiries.

What do our nurses say about us?

What I really like the most is the idea that each of us has one dedicated placement specialist who liaise everything, knows our professional capabilities, our preferences in terms of securing contract, and most especially they respect our wishes/requests and offered suggestions to help us decide and get most out in every contract.”


I thought to myself wow what a team of hard working professionals. Every detail of the trip was thought through all the important info that I needed… It made my journey so much easier without any drama”

RN Vicky

It has been lovely working closely with you… Thankyou for providing me with prompt, reliable service and always working hard to get my contracts.”

RN Trudie

We are here when you need us.

Affinity travel nurses have a 24-hour emergency contact number, so we are ready to help you if you encounter one at any time, any day.

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