Take a selfie with cute quokkas near Albany, dive in the Ningaloo reef, or visit national parks with incredible gorges. Home to spectacular natural wonders like the Horizontal Waterfalls, King George Falls and the Bungle Bungles, WA is the perfect place for work and adventure!

As the largest nursing and midwifery jobs provider in WA, cherry-picking your jobs has never been easier. Here’s what a contract in each region has in store for you:

The Kimberley & The Northwest
One of the most bio-diverse regions on earth

Covering billions of years in history and over 1 million square kilometers, this is a journey of discovery you will never forget. This is the place to ride through the one-and-only Horizontal Waterfalls, a phenomenon recognised by David Attenborough!

Dreams of upskilling in ED come true here; this region has 3 main hospitals. Derby Hospital has a diverse basket from ED, maternity, theatre, mental health & general ward. Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing offer a great opportunity to develop your rural ED skills.

Photo credit: RM Immi

Swim with whale sharks!

Known as the ‘engine room’ of Australia for its mining industry, epic, ancient landscapes fill this region, most dating back 3.5 to 4.3 billion years! Witness some truly beautiful sights like turtles hatching from October to March, the Staircase to the Moon, and national parks featuring rocky canyons and gentle pools. Lovers of the outdoors and ghost towns will find endless scenes to photograph and keep for life.

Adorned with opportunities for nurses to grow however they like, Hedland Health Campus and Karratha Health Campus are the major referral centres. Don’t overlook the small rural sites like Newman and Onslow – they’ll provide an opportunity to broaden your skills!

The full colour wheel in one city

Stretching down the Indian Ocean coast from Kalbarri and down to Green Head, the Midwest makes the perfect picture for red, outback Australia. Contrasted with a rainbow of wildflowers stretching far as the horizon and featuring historical early settlements, those with a love for the past are sure to get goosebumps.

Midwest WA makes a great match for nurses kitted with a significant past in ED for multipurpose services. The major hospital Geraldton houses a steady influx of patients, servicing oncology, renal dialysis, respite, maternity, theatre, emergency, general wards, high dependency and aged care.

Photo credit: CNC Jenny

WA’s top-voted tourist town

With over 1000 kilometres of coastline, this region boasts fine vineyards and premium produce, ready to be consumed by all budding foodies. It’s full of national parks and walking trails, and boasts biodiversity, with nearly 80 percent of plant species not found anywhere else on earth… and needless to say, full of inspiration for your next adventure.

For those wanting a tasting plate of the southwest, Bunbury Regional Hospital is the largest facility, fitted out with every standard service, plus Domiciliary Care and Primary Health, with roles for ICU always up for grabs.

Photo credit: RN Sarah

There’s the red outback, then there’s the golden outback

This region was birthed after discovering gold in the 1890s, in hopes of creating fortune for the tough lives of gold diggers.

For those who don’t mind getting their hands dirty, explore the remnants of the gold rush and try your luck at prospecting for precious stones! Be sure to also visit the world’s largest outdoor art gallery (it’s free too), showcasing ghost-like humanoid figures, created by world-renowned sculptor Antony Gormley.

An optimal place to get up close and personal with the local communities, Kalgoorlie is the largest facility holding the full spectrum of services like mental health, chemotherapy, maternity and more.

Photo credit: RM Immi

Discover the most diverse region within Australia’s South West

World-famous Wave Rock lives here – a stunning, worthy formation to photograph and hang on your wall. Being a short drive from Perth makes it a popular holiday destination, charming visitors with humble outback life and hospitable locals.

There’s no shortage of wildlife either – animal lovers should visit Dryandra Woodland, one of the most vital wildlife preservation areas. Boost your serotonin with brushtail possums, numbats, kangaroos, tammar wallabies and tawny frogmouths abound.

With many small facilities scattered across this region, short-term jobs highlighting Acute/ED/Aged Care are abundant and satisfy those seeking single shifts. Narrogin Hospital also features obstetric services, medical imaging, and mental health.

The Great Southern
The last stop between you & Antarctica

Welcome to the home of the oldest European-settled city in Western Australia. Land of the giant Karri forest, the Great Southern has some of the tallest trees in the world!

Also a prime location for whale watching, seeing them migrate from Antarctica to these warmer waters from May to early October is a must-see for your bucket list!

This makes for a fantastic all-rounder location for nurses; Med/Surg, ED and HDU are just a few well-sought roles you can expect to come available.

What our nurses say about facilities

Fitzroy Crossing hospital

“I have been able to join a beautiful and welcoming team. They are absolutely wonderful people. The nurses quarters are great; there is a pool and gym.”

– RN Belinda, Fitzroy Crossing

What our nurses say about their adventures

“I haven’t needed to register anywhere else and have had no complaints. Rebecca my placement consultant is great and it is fantastic that I am able to travel with my partner Greg.

Everything has just been easy; the process of joining was easy, the processing of pay is easier and controlling when you work is easier.”

– RN Belinda

What our nurses say about facilities

“My time has been most enjoyable. The permanent staff are very welcoming and helpful. The local people too are very friendly and I have been able to form new friendships.”

– CN Donna, Wyndham

What our nurses say about their adventures


“I did short coastal trek in Kalbarri 2 weeks ago where I found the views unique and interesting. It was such pure bliss to experience ‘the summer feels’ in winter. Walking along soaring coastal cliffs on a fine sunny day was the main highlight of my adventure.”

– RN Emie

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