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travel nursing & midwifery

All you need to know about travel nursing & midwifery

Get to know Affinity Nurses and their experiences on contract, explore Australia by checking out our travel posts, or learn tips and tricks for how to achieve the most success doing agency work.

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Meet RN Anna – 30 Contracts, Countless Stories

The Affinity travel nurse lifestyle gives RN Anna the chance to see and do 2 key things she loves the most - travelling and hiking.
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Why should you have travel insurance as an agency nurse or midwife?

Lost your bags during your flight, or encountered a medical emergency? Here's why travel insurance as an agency nurse is crucial.
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Meet RN Michelle – Having a croc at it in the Northern Territory

Kick up red dirt in the Northern Territory with travel nursing. Here's why RN Michelle loves making her way here to care for patients.
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Quick and easy meals for travel nurses and midwives

Unsure what to whip up during your agency contract, or have limited access to cooking utilities? Satiate your hunger with these easy recipes!
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Meet RN Mary – Gaining confidence through lifelong learning

Agency nursing has allowed RN Mary to fulfil her traveling lifestyle, and has given her the confidence to provide exceptional care.

5 steps to becoming and navigating your career as a travel nurse

Learn about how to become or navigate your career as a travel nurse through these 5 steps!
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6 must-read books for the travel nursing bookworm

Affinity nurses share their top books all travel nurses should read and are guaranteed to love.
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Meet CN Alison – Nursing since 1980

With a generation's worth of nursing experience, read about CN Alison's story and her journey to a senior travel nurse.

The Rural Route – Treasures you’ll discover on a rural nursing placement

Rural agency nurses are always in high demand. Discover the treasures and benefits you can uncover by tackling a rural placement today.
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Meet RAN Jackie – Her journey in the APY lands

RAN Jackie exploring rural health care in the Northern Territory and making her way from Multipurpose Health Services (MPS) to remote clinics.
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Yoga tips for travel nurses, from a yoga expert

Whether winding down from a night shift or starting your day bright and early, turn on some relaxing music and find an exercise for you here.
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Meet RN Ruth – The perks of life outside your comfort zone

Since going back to travel nursing, RN Ruth has had the opportunity to make more time for life, one becoming an Aunty twice!
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Meet RN Ali – The ED travel nurse expanding her skillset in remote Queensland

Having completed 28 travel nursing contracts in sunny Queensland, see what RN Ali has to say about the flexible lifestyle of an agency nurse!
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Meet RN Jodie – The NZ RN transitioning into remote area nursing in Australia

What has made RN Jodie, a NZ ED nurse, enjoy the transition into RAN and supporting the most remote communities in Australia?
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Meet RN Di – The ED travel nurse with a generation of experience

With a whole generation’s worth of experience under her belt, ED RN Di has no shortage of stories to tell or pictures to share!
Lady at deskptop - how long does it take to secure a nursing job

How long does it take to secure an agency nursing job?

This is essentially a simple, yet complex question, so read on…
20 Year Celebration

20 Years of Great Nurses

We are so proud to have helped so many people kick some pretty amazing professional and life goals, with so much fun along the way.
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Meet RN Tony – The medical travel nurse difference

Working the medical wards in Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania, Tony sat down with us to share his journey so far.
20 Year Celebration

20 years of Excellence: A letter from our Director

Here's to 20 years of Affinity Nursing! As we take a look back into our past, our director has a few words to share regarding our milestone.
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Meet RN Carol – Working around life, instead of living around work

Having nursed in four countries across three continents, RN Carol shares why she left her stable job to pursue a career in travel nursing.
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Meet RN Danielle – Cooking up adventures in Cooktown 

With 12 years of Emergency Department experience, RN Danielle shares her Australian travel nurse journey after coming from Canada.
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What can a travel nurse claim on tax returns this financial year?

Tearing your hair out each year every time tax return comes around? We’ve put together a few tips for anyone working as a travel nurse or midwife!
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Meet RN Shauna: No yesterdays on the road

RN Shauna has extensively travelled throughout Western Australia since 2020, and has recently started her journey in the NT. Check out her amazing photos and stories!

Emma’s Gastronomical Tour of Darwin 

As an Affinity travel nurse or midwife, you have a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in everything Darwin has to offer. 
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Agency midwife life in Crystal Brook, SA with RM Sally

Considering South Australia as your next agency midwife contract? RM Sally shares what to expect, things to do, and things to see!
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Meet RAN/RN Margaret: Affinity Autonomy as a remote area nurse

Embrace Affinity autonomy with RAN/RN Margaret as she shares her remote area nurse tips. Read her story below!

Must-do trails for the hike-a-holic travel nurse

We asked Affinity nurses about their must-do hikes, tracks and trails across Australia - satisfy your hike-a-holic needs today!
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Meet RAN Merewyn: Life as a remote area nurse

Take a look at RAN Merewyn's story, advice for anyone keen on embarking on life as a remote area nurse!
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Meet RN/RM Sinead: Living out the “call the midwife” dreams

RN/RM Sinead has been traveling around with her family and enjoying the flexibility that comes with her profession. Read her stories below!
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7 common mistakes made by new travel nurses

We asked Affinity nurses about commmon mistakes they made in the past to help new nurses avoid them on their first contract.