Want to know a bit more about how agency works at Affinity? Interested in things to do on days off? Or maybe a bit more in depth information about how to update your skills? Our blog aims to highlight all areas of travel nursing; the industry, the lifestyle and why Affinity is the provider to experience this fully.

The best part about this blog is it highlights our greatest resource; our nurses. We love living vicariously through you so please send any happy snaps, videos, stories, tips or recommendations. General rule of thumb is that if you find it interesting then so will someone else!

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Happy Travels!


Hervey Bay – Eat Like a Local

Hervey Bay: a regional coastal town in sunny Queensland, well known for its whale watching, proximity to Fraser Island and relaxed lifestyle. But it’s no surprise the place responsible for some

Adrenaline Activities Our Nurses Have Tried

Ever wondered what to do on your time off? Or maybe just wanted to try something new. Life’s too short to be left wondering and waiting. Check out some of

Behind the Scenes with Jessica – Lush Launceston

Tell us about you: I have been nursing for just over three years in New Zealand. My experience is mostly General Surgical nursing, a bit of Intensive Care (ICU) and

5 Ways Travel Nursing Benefits Your New Career

Seen how much fun your friends and colleagues are having as travel nurses? Perhaps you are wondering if this is for you?  Keep reading for 5 ways travel nursing can

Our Guide to Barcaldine

Barcaldine is known as the Garden City of the West and is home to the Tree of Knowledge, the reputed birth place of the labour movement in Australia. The famous

Travel Tips for Long Drives

Sometimes it can be daunting, setting off on your first long drive to a remote contract. Your safety is paramount to us, so we have developed an easy go to

Top Tips for Winding Down After a Long Shift

Stress management is important for wellness, but we tend to neglect ourselves more often than not. It’s easy to get caught up with work and forget about yourself. Unwind and

What You Can Do to Improve Your Job Prospects

Communicate! It may sound common sense, but communication is your biggest asset. The agency market is dynamic. We are constantly working with changing supply and demand. Clear and frequent communication

Bega – More Than Just Cheese

The name Bega originates from the Yuin-Monaro tribe and translates to ‘Big camping ground’ in traditional language. It is the urban centre of the Sapphire Coast. Your weekends here will