Meet RN Michelle – Having a croc at it in the Northern Territory

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RN Michelle

14 years nursing experience

Doors are constantly opening in the agency nursing world, and RN Michelle is someone who has walked through every door she can since completing her nursing degree in the Philippines.

With a diverse skillset in various clinical areas, learn more about her story and having over her 14 years of nursing to share about and travel nursing in the Northern Territory.  

1. Tell us a bit about your nursing background and experience.

I completed my nursing degree in the Philippines, worked as primary nurse for a few years, then took a huge leap moving to New Zealand (NZ) in 2014. I continued my journey in aged care, then to tertiary hospitals, and began agency nursing in NZ in 2022.  

Last year, I had the opportunity to pursue the career here in Australia and have worked in medical, rehabilitation, mental health wards and remote hospitals since then.

2. You’ve worked in some remote facilities in the Northern Territory; what have been some key presentations you have encountered during your time in Tennant Creek and Darwin?

The First Nations people make up most presentations in these remote facilities. One was extremely sick from abuse; it meant days of close monitoring, meetings with Aboriginal Liaison Officers (ALO) to interpret and help with care planning, bags of blood product transfusions, lots of crushed medications, and many diaper changes. 

When you finally see their booked flight and send them to airport to be with their loved ones, that genuine smile and happiness while thanking you is priceless. 

3. Tell us about your travel nursing journey since you started your first contract.

Travel nursing took me to new places, experience different cultures, and able to work while learning from fresh graduates to most senior nurses.

No patient is the same, and I always strive to provide the best care to everyone. It has been a constant change, but it made me open minded, grateful of life and wanting to experience more.

4. What do you enjoy most about the travel nursing lifestyle?

It’s having work around holiday times. I’m spending time with people who matter most and be present on special occasions while doing contracts in between.

5. You are just about to finish your 6th contract with us so far – what has been the highlight working with Affinity? 

Definitely the staff behind the emails, from Cass who got me onboard, Talisa who looked after me in the next contracts, and Josh who constantly checks and care for my current needs.

Also to the team that facilitates who each flight, accommodation, first shifts, and online education. And as equally important are those who send me expense refunds and weekly payslips

6. Do you have a favourite photo? What’s the story behind it? 

This is a Filipino dessert called “Halo-Halo”, a mixture of sweetened fruits, beans, ice, milk and ice cream.

It is sold in every Saturday Market at Nightcliff, Darwin City and it reminds me of the happiest memories growing up.

7. What advice would you give other nurses who want to do travel nursing?


R –  ready for the uncertain. Embrace the risk.                                                                        

U – understand your new work environment. Each facility has their own culture. ASK.          

N – nursing is a beautiful mess, stay AFLOAT, and have FUN! 

It’s never too late to jump into a travel nursing job in the Northern Territory. Kick up the red dirt in the centre of Australia and register with Affinity today 

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