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Urban Myth: The More the Merrier

It’s a common belief in agency nursing that it pays to be with several agencies at any given time. The logic behind the decision is somewhat understandable, but is it really the best approach? From a recruitment consultant’s perspective, and from one who has been working in this industry for 15 years, I can tell […]

What You Can Do to Improve Your Job Prospects

Communicate! It may sound common sense, but communication is your biggest asset. The agency market is dynamic. We are constantly working with changing supply and demand. Clear and frequent communication with your recruitment consultant and placement specialist are paramount to ensure you secure the placement YOU want. Locational ‘Wish List’ We are a non-commission agency […]

5 Ways Travel Nursing Benefits Your New Career

Seen how much fun your friends and colleagues are having as travel nurses? Perhaps you are wondering if this is for you?  Keep reading for 5 ways travel nursing can help you grow professionally and personally. Gain Experience Quickly Want to expand your clinical knowledge and extend yourself professionally but not likely to get the […]