Your opportunities in Queensland (QLD) are endless! Explore tropical islands, national parks, stunning rainforests or the iconic Great Barrier Reef. Or head to the outback, where red dirt regions feature towns of incredible history.

Agency nursing and midwifery in QLD lets you care for patients from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, and pick up new skills from each new facility you visit. As the largest nursing and midwifery agency provider in QLD, there’s plenty of job options to meet your preference!

Explore different regions below and find out what agency nursing in QLD can bring you.

Torres and Cape

Enjoy the rugged scenery

Agency nursing in the Torres and Cape empowers you to live the adventurous life you have always wanted! A deep connection with the ocean and ancient rainforests runs in its remote unspoilt natural landscapes. You must see at least once in your life.

Working with the remote indigenous communities will give you plenty of autonomy, and broaden your scope of practice. It’s also a fantastic stepping stone to upskill to Primary Health Care/Remote Area Nursing.

Photo credit: RNs Leonie & Natalie

Cairns and Hinterland Region

Home to two World Heritage-listed wonders

From island hopping, reef tours to tropical rainforest exploration, there are enough adventures to tick off the bucket list of even the most seasoned traveller. It has always been one of the most popular destinations for agency nurses to experience natural wonders and unwind.

With various roles available, such as Acute/ED, Medical/Surgical, Theatre, ICU, Maternity, Covid related, Renal Dialysis and Paediatrics, you can easily work across many different facilities in this region.

Photo credit: RNs Maria & JC

Outback Queensland

Slow down and get to know the locals

Head to the outback for spectacular landscapes! Gulf country, wetlands and waterholes, red desert sand dunes and cattle stations – it’s a big place, full of big characters and big history.

Agency nursing in Outback QLD is all about making a connection to your patients and getting to know the community. There’s always high demand for skilled Acute/ED and Community Mental Health nurses. You can make a life-changing difference to the health and wellbeing of local communities.

Photo credit: RNs JC & Louise

Townsville Region

A welcoming mix of everything

Combine Townsville’s rainforests, reefs, sandy beaches, outback towns, and islands, and you get the perfect mix of welcoming. It features an abundance of historic, active and tranquil experiences for all tastes.

Similar to the Cairns Region, there’s always a variety of roles available across different clinical areas – Acute/ED, Aged Care, Medical/Surgical, ICU, Maternity, Mental Health, Paediatrics and more. You can work in different hospital settings seamlessly in this region – big and small facilities.

Photo credit: RN Dianne

Mackay Region

Beautiful tropical islands and 31 sandy beaches

Laid-back Mackay brings a true escape from bustling life. Rich tropical islands make for plenty of swimming, snorkelling and fishing, while ancient rainforests lie inland. This city also showcases art deco architecture, palm-fringed streets, and casual alfresco dining.

Honing your nursing skills at the big regional hospital or rural facilities – which one is your cup of tea? If you’re an ED, Mental Health, Medical/Surgical, ICU or Theatre nurse, there’s always plenty of contract options for you!

Photo credit: RN JC

Capricorn/Gladstone Region

Doorstep of the world-famous Reef

Throughout the Capricorn and Gladstone region you’ll find pristine national parks, unspoilt islands and mighty, cathedral-like caves. It makes a fantastic destination for any water-lover to get away from demands and stresses of the everyday.

Further inland showcases historic gold mining towns, sapphire gemfields, lakes, and gorges.

There are always plenty of Mental Health options available in these regions, plus ED, General Nursing and Aged Care. Working in a cheerful and supportive team environment, and going out exploring the world while off work – what a perfect balance of life!

Photo credit: RNs Anna & Alex

Bundaberg Region

Taste the Queensland lifestyle

Don’t miss the special yearly event when hundreds of marine turtle hatchlings make their way to their ocean home! You will also find colourful coral reefs and popular islands including the world-famous Lady Elliot Island!

On the mainland, you can easily spend days exploring the historic towns and extensive National Park trails. If you’re a fruit and veggie lover, you won’t find a better place to enjoy the freshest local produce.

Bundaberg facilities have plenty of short or long-term contract options for theatre and Mental Health nurses, where you can work in a dynamic team environment. Acute/ED nurses are always in high demand in rural facilities.

Fraser Coast

Full of natural beauty, off-road adventures

Choose to stop for a picnic lunch on the shore of Lake McKenzie, go bush walking through the rainforest or head up the beach to Indian Head – get your campfire going, and enjoy the time in the wild.

As a rare stopover site for humpback whales, it’s a truly unique different experience to encounter the whales in a close distance along the coast.

ED, Medical/Surgical, ICU nurses are in high demand here. It’s a great opportunity to experience different hospital settings and gain skills to advance your career.

Southern Queensland Country

Four seasons of adventure

Southern Queensland Country is a reminder that the good things in life shouldn’t be hurried. Steeped in pioneer history, a visit to the country means hearty meals served with good yarns, big smiles and a taste of warm country hospitality.

The diverse blend of highlands, valleys and open red sand plains offer four seasons of adventure, natural encounters and gourmet indulgence.

These rural and remote communities are always in need of advanced health care. A large number of Acute/ED, Theatre, Maternity nurses contract options are available to solidify nursing skills in various small and friendly towns.

What our nurses say about facilities

“North QLD has a focus on Aboriginal health which is incredibly eye opening and interesting. Also everything is on the electronic database so was able to upskill myself, which helps for future roles.”

– RN Georgia, Cairns

What our nurses say about their adventures


“I have worked with some fantastic people and made some friendships of a lifetime. There have been many learning opportunities… The community here are so beautiful and welcoming. The outdoor lifestyle and sight seeing opportunities are to die for.

-RN Jaymee, Palm Island

What our nurses say about facilities


“There is a lovely team at the hospital and it is a good vibe here with the other nurses. It is a welcoming and encouraging team.”

– CN Dianne, Thursday Island

What our nurses say about their adventures


I feel like I am always on a big adventure; it allows me to travel and see Australia and see all that’s up for offer. I have enjoyed working with Affinity; they have supported me though all my placements and made sure I can experience everything on offer at each placement.

– RN Rebecca, Mt Isa

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