Meet RN Mary – Gaining confidence through lifelong learning

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RN Mary

5 years nursing experience

For RN Mary, travel nursing has allowed her to gain confidence within her skills and knowledge. She shares the importance of lifelong learning as it develops her professional growth and helps her achieve one of her main goals as a nurse; providing excellent care to meet patients’ needs.

Continue reading to discover the nature lover’s adventure across Australia, and why the stunning Queensland and Tasmania has a special place in her heart!

1. What motivated you to pursue travel nursing?

Travel nursing is something I’ve always wanted to have a go at to expand my skills and see more of Australia. The timing finally aligned at the end of 2022 when my old work contract was ending, so off on the road I went!

2. You’ve spent most of your time doing contracts across QLD and TAS – what has been the highlight for you in these two states?

Tasmania will always be special to me as it’s where I was raised, and my folks (plus my fur baby) are still based there. It’s a little gem of a state, sometimes forgotten, but it’s definitely worth making a trip! Great food culture, relaxed vibes and beautiful sights to see!

In saying that, Queensland weather and landscapes have absolutely stolen my heart. I’m a big national park, ocean swims and waterfall lover so that’s where you’ll find me exploring when I’m up this way!

3. Can you describe any scenario or situation which you find most rewarding during your contracts?

Within the workplace, it’s definitely the patients – helping them feel calm before surgery and building that rapport is really fulfilling. Outside of work, it’s the travel component – getting to see and live in some incredible places you wouldn’t usually travel to.

4. What is one main achievement you’ve accomplished since you began travel nursing?

Just gaining confidence within my skills and knowledge. Before travel nursing, I was restricted within what I knew and where I was comfortable working, and now there isn’t much a day can throw at me that I’ll feel out of place with!

5. You have just started your 7th contract with us – what has been the highlight working with Affinity so far? 

The consultants and people who work behind the scenes of Affinity deserve a big THANK YOU! The communication is top notch, if I’ve ever got a query, big or small, I know I can ask and that helps relieve some of the anxiety of moving around and often being in unfamiliar environments.

6. You’ve taken some amazing photos! Do you have a favourite one? What’s the story behind it? 

I’m a big photographer/videographer so my Instagram (@mary.parth) is littered with travel adventures (both working related and vacation).

Each picture is special for a different reason, but Finch Hatton in Mackay, QLD has been my favourite place I’ve discovered since agency nursing. The photos taken there hold a special place in my heart.

7. What advice would you give other nurses who want to do travel nursing?

Become comfortable in the uncomfortable! It’s okay to not know everything or have the answers, or feel out of your depth at times – nursing is about lifelong learning and constantly expanding your knowledge so agency work gives you an amazing kick start in this! Just give it a go!

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