Location spotlight Bunbury, Western Australia

The view from the top of Marlston Hill Lookout Bunbury Western Australia WA with lighthouse

Welcome to our latest location spotlight, Bunbury, Western Australia!

Fancy dipping your toes into the ocean whilst watching the dolphins frolic on contract with Affinity? Count me in! 175 km’s South of Perth is the coastal haven of Bunbury, within Australia’s picturesque South West region. Recently we have had it all at Bunbury from ED, theatre, surgical to mental health and ICU. Here are some things to do whilst on contract if you find yourself in this aquatic playground!

Koombana Bay – One of Bunbury’s greatest attractions. Here at Koombana Bay, you can do a swim tour and greet and frolic with wild dolphins. According to WA Tourism, a pod of 100 dolphins frequent this bay at regular intervals during the warmer months.

Surfing/Paddle Boarding – Whether you’ve got your own boards or hiring one for a day, hit up the beach for a surf. Alternatively, if you have my level of coordination, a leisurely stand up paddle board. Luckily, Bunbury is not well known for big swells, so an easier place to learn than some of the surf beaches in Margaret River. We would recommend making your way to Margaret River for any of the surfing competitions to see how the pro’s do it.

Koombana foreshore in Bunbury Western Australia people on the beach

Koombana Bay

View of the back of a man in the distance, standing on a paddle board, paddling out alone into the ocean towards the waves

Paddle Boarding

BREC Theatre – The show must go on, even when on contract! Look up the BREC for a range of entertaining shows ranging from opera, plays, dance and comedy. Make a night of it and take your new friends on contract and hit up the venue’s bars and café’s beforehand to really enjoy the social aspect of agency nursing.

Street Art – Melbourne’s Hosier lane has some serious competition with the streets of Bunbury. Over the past few years, there has been a shift in Bunbury’s city culture, bringing with it interesting and funky street art around the city. 10 hipsters just cringed over my use of the word funky. Whether you have a man bun or enjoy sipping triple shot decaf piccolo lattes or just like to see some interesting art, go along for a walking exhibit. You won’t be disappointed!

Check out this website for further information: http://www.sixtwothreezero.com/

fruits and vegetables at the market western australia

Bunbury Farmer’s Markets

The wreck of the Lena in Bunbury, Western Australia under the sea

Lena Dive Wreck

Diving/Snorkelling – 3 nautical miles off the coast of Bunbury is the Lena Dive Wreck that offers a great site for amateur divers. This wreck is just a cheeky 17 metres below so open water ticketed are able to access!

Bunbury Farmers Markets – Everyone loves a bit of fresh fruit and veg! Stay healthy on contract with the fresh produce that farmers have waiting for you in the South West. The farmers markets have everything from fruit and veg, fresh meat, local dairy products and fresh pastas. Treat yourself to an organic coffee, a bunch of flowers to spiff up your nursing accommodation and cook yourself a delicious gourmet meal, because you’re worth it!

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We hope you enjoyed out latest location spotlight, Bunbury, Western Australia!

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