10 Small Ways to Live a More Sustainable and Greener Existence!

Here at Affinity we are always trying to promote positive change through sustainable processes. We are trying to reduce our footprint and implement new office guidelines on how to be better inhabitants on this lovely planet. Things such as cutting back on paper, printing and general avoidable office waste. So, it got us thinking, what small things can we change in our daily lives to collaboratively work towards a healthier planet for the next generations to come? Ensuring that the next gen of agency nurses get to see the gorgeous Australian landscapes that we are all so lucky to see!

Here are some handy tips to help reduce waste and live plastic free lives that won’t be too hard to stick to.

1. Keep Cups: We all know that Coffee is life. And from a four cups a day girl, that is A LOT of waste if you are indulging in take away coffees each day. So, to imagine a whole office’s worth for a year is shocking. This is why we office staff now are the owners of trusty and most importantly environmentally friendly keep cups. Guilt free coffee is the best kind. Try one out for yourself. Personal Recommendation: Pottery for the Planet.

2. At the risk of sounding like my Dad in the 90’s. Shorter showers. Save water and energy by trimming down your shower routine. Please note this is not applicable to patient’s showers. Your colleague at handover time will thank you for ensuring they have a full hygienic scrub.

3. Be better at taking reusable bags. It’s a struggle we all deal with for unexpected grocery shops. Some of us are more organised than others and have a plan already in tow. Consider keeping a handy material shopping bag in your hand bag or at your locker at the hospital. There are so many great designs to choose from.

Aluminum can be recycled continuously, as in forever. Recycling 1 aluminum can save enough energy to run our TVs for at least 3 hours. 80 trillion aluminum cans are used by humans every year

4. Make a more concerted effort to recycle. Finding a recycling bin in a hospital can be like looking for a needle in a hay stack. And let’s face it you don’t have enough time as it is, to be spending it roaming around wards or floors in search of the correct bin. So why not ask your NUM if you can have some sort of box or bin installed into your ward or tea room for quick and easy access. You will be amazed at how much can actually be recycled when it’s so convenient.

5. Sign up for E-bills. A great way to make sure that bills are not missed while on the road and saving trees at the same time! If you haven’t already, make sure your phone, internet, gas & electricity bills are all emailed.

6.Get a stainless-steel drink bottle. Getting your two litres of water a day is hard enough without the guilt of using plastic water bottles. Trusty Kmart offers cost effective solutions and let’s face it, we all like excuses to go to Kmart.

A glass bottle made in our time will take more than 4,000 years to decompose

7. Donate unwanted beauty products, cosmetics and personal hygiene products to charities who collect them and distribute to refugees, homeless women and other less fortunate groups. Do your research and pick a not for profit that stands out to you. Not only is it reducing waste it is helping someone who needs it.

8. Car Pool where you can. A great way to spend some more time with friends and cut back on emissions.

9. Toss out your cling wrap and other food saver plastics. And take your favourite old material and make some easy DIY beeswax covers. It is a fun exercise and very trendy on the gram.

10. Composting is cool. Get a personal compost that sits on your bench or under your sink. They have come a long way from the old outdated smelly stereotypical composts from 10 years ago. Toss your food waste and your coffee grinds into the compost and your garden and house plants will love you! 

Let us know what you do to help the environment today! Email us at info@affinitynursing.com.au

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