5 Ways Travel Nursing Benefits Your New Career

Seen how much fun your friends and colleagues are having as travel nurses? Perhaps you are wondering if this is for you?  Keep reading for 5 ways travel nursing can help you grow professionally and personally.

  • Gain Experience Quickly

Want to expand your clinical knowledge and extend yourself professionally but not likely to get the opportunity to do this in your current workplace any time soon?

Travel nursing is the perfect opportunity to gain exposure to different working environments and new approaches to the provision of clinical care. Travel nursing benefits you by giving you exposure to new systems, procedures, and facility types. Almost every day is exciting as you tackle new challenges and experiences.

Travel nursing is also great for your current workplace as you’ll come back refreshed and with stronger clinical skills. It is also a great chance to explore our beautiful country while being exposed to new environments that you won’t experience in a tertiary setting.

  • Get Paid to Travel

By far the most popular reason for becoming a travel nurse is the opportunity to explore new places. Perhaps it’s your key motivation too?

Affinity is a national recruitment agency, working closely with our clients to ensure you have the best experience possible. Through years of industry experience, we have strong relationships with clients across the country, meaning our nurses have access to wonderful and diverse roles and destinations. But we need your help to secure these fantastic roles.

Agency nurses are held to a higher standard in term of paperwork requirements, so please be patient as we work through this together. Once we have completed these requirements, your placement specialist will be able to submit you to any location across the country. Imagine diving with whale sharks in WA or exploring the Daintree Rainforest in QLD! Affinity’s national scope makes all this possible.

  • Newfound Confidence

Stepping into a new workplace can bring a feeling of chance and excitement, and the opportunity to experience something new. Every healthcare organisation operates a little differently and has its own culture. No matter if this is your first time into a new workplace or if you’ve done travel nursing for years, back your skills! You have the knowledge and experience to succeed, so have faith in yourself because we have faith in you! And don’t worry if you don’t know where some equipment is or the name of a new drug, ask questions and have confidence in yourself.

Often the most challenging aspect of travel nursing is being away from family and friends while living in an unfamiliar location. This may seem like a scary prospect before you head off on your first placement, but you are not alone! We will be with you every step of the way, detailing what to expect, coupled with photos and recent nurse experiences. You’ll also find many nurses in the same boat, making new friends and forming lasting relationships.

  • Do your Homework Before you Travel

Want to feel comfortable about where you will be going? And know what to expect when it comes to arriving at the hospital, and your accommodation? You can read our extensive Fact Sheets which provide you with information about the hospital, the location/town, and all the interesting activities you can do to keep you busy on your days off, so you can make the most of your time on contract.  We work hard to ensure you feel well prepared for your new contract, and our logistics team will confirm your first shift, arrival and accommodation details before you set off.  Still have questions?  Let us know so we can answer them for you.

Once you have settled into your new role, ask your new colleagues to recommend the best places to eat and the top entertainment venues.  Or check out our ‘Eat like a Local’ articles on here! We may have covered where you are going.

  • Work Life Balance

We are all seeking the elusive work life balance and trying to find the best way to attain both professional and life satisfaction.  Travel nursing not only opens doors to exciting new life experiences, but it also gives you the ultimate power to control your own schedule. It’s a career path that gives you the chance to grow professionally and personally, whilst also providing you the flexibility to fit your work life around things that are fulfilling to you. Our recruiters take the time to understand not just your professional goals, but also your personal needs and preferences. We are proudly a non-commission agency, working hard for our nurses to find them the best experience possible!

So talk to Affinity today to see if travel nursing is for you.

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