Affinity Clinical Education – What is it?

2021 has brought about lots of new, exciting things to Affinity. New faces (both nurses and internal staff), new hospitals to service and lots of new roles (it really is a great time to be an agency nurse)! But one of the most exciting for us is the addition of an Affinity Education team.

One thing we heard from nurses about their hesitation to leave the comfort of their health service role was the ability to access education courses and get their CPD hours easily. So, we took this onboard and have workshopped education to suit the very unique lifestyle of an agency nurse.

What is Affinity Ed?

Affinity Ed is a brand-new team here within the Affinity Healthcare Group that consists of very hard working and knowledgeable Nurse Educators who are based inhouse at Affinity headquarters. These educators have decades of nursing experience as well as agency nurse experience – meaning they can relate to your unique situations.

The Ed team is here to help with everything education related! They work closely with your dedicated placement specialist to ensure that Affinity Nurses have extra support for any on contract issues and queries. They also have a significant focus on ensuring that Affinity nurses have access to online training, content and informative webinars (we are excited for these to start!) about clinical topics to help you stay informed on what’s what.  

Complete your CPDs while working anywhere in Australia

Advanced Life Support

Self-paced online learning and assessment, then an online practical at a time of your choice!

Endorsed by the ACN

Triage – the ETEK Way

This course covers all aspects of Triage – perfect whether its your first time or a renewal.

Endorsed by the ACN

What do they offer?

They have an ever-increasing course catalogue available for CPD learning through an online easy to use education platform. Our favourite thing currently is the ability for our Nurse Educators to assess ALS practicals remotely.

Remote assessment
You no longer need to take time off work, spend time booking courses to attend in person, hours away with flights and hotel costs associated. After completion of the online Theory Module, our team in the office can simply call you via zoom wherever you are on contract to do your practical assessment. It really is a lifesaver (yes, ALS pun intended).

Wealth of experience
They are also a beacon of knowledge for the internal staff here at Affinity, ensuring that we (some self-confessed non-clinical bozo’s – I am speaking only for myself here) are kept up to date and have clinical resources to refer to as well for any questions and queries you may have regarding your agency nursing career. Further strengthening our ability to ensure that all-important clinical match for yourself and your next contract is achieved.

Interested in information on courses that Affinity Education offer?

Just ask your recruiter or your placement specialist for an update on the available catalogue and prices today!