You and your placement specialist – It takes two!

Being a travel nurse means putting a lot of faith in an agency to provide you with work security, career progression and work satisfaction!

It’s a big responsibility, and one that we do not take lightly. That’s why Affinity gives you dedicated placement specialist to ensure that you get a personal approach and can have a seamless and stress-free career.

Being a placement specialist is a rewarding and engaging career, as we get to watch our nurses kick their goals and experience amazing locations around Australia.

Here’s how we get the most of a portfolio of nurses who all have different approaches, wants, needs and communication styles.

Each nurse has different preferences which can take some time to work out. Some like constant contact, some prefer a bit more independence and to be left alone once on contract and make contact when there’s an issue.

Some like emails instead of calls, some prefer a quick text instead of emails. Some like small talk, some don’t! It takes time getting a feel for both of us.

Every good relationship needs work to get into that sweet comfy spot. If you feel as though you aren’t in that sweet spot yet, maybe think, have you done all that you can on your end?

Building a trusting and easy relationship with your placement specialist is a two-way street. It requires effort, compromise and trust from both parties.

Are you returning calls or emails? Have you asked us how we are going? Are you being 100% upfront? Sometimes as a placement specialist, it can feel like we are doing as much as we can but falling short of the expectations of some.

Which brings me to the next point – if you’ve had a disappointing experience, we love to discuss it directly before expressing your thoughts on social media. Sometimes, it can be miscommunication that can be sorted over a chat!

Problems cannot be fixed unless they are communicated.

Despite multiple attempts from our R&D department, we have yet to perfect our mind reading capability. We can dream!

There is a lot of respect for the nurses who professionally communicate when something isn’t working, and take a collaborative approach to fix it. It really is just as easy as talking to us.

We want to do our jobs well and we want you to enjoy your time with Affinity! Remember we are all human and trying our best to fill your needs.

Little things to remember:

  • Your placement specialist will have you in mind every day, even when you haven’t spoken with them.
  • We always have your preferences in mind. We know most of them off the top of our heads!
  • You can initiate contact at any time! It can start to feel like we are pestering you if you never make contact with us!
  • We love your updates from the road – even if it is just a picture or a quick email saying hello.
  • We too are disappointed if your first preference doesn’t pan out, but be open to our next best suggestions. Sometimes we need to think outside the box!
  • We love hearing your excitement when you hear that you got the contract you’ve been waiting for.
  • It’s a simple one, but don’t forget to say thank you!

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