Affinity Clinical Education – Q&A

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The unique lifestyle of agency nurses means a unique approach to CPDs and education is a must.

Affinity Clinical Education is our education platform for providing you with CPDs and learning opportunities while you are on the road.

Get to know the new team behind Affinity Ed, who are dedicated to supporting your clinical knowledge and growth – experienced nurses Shannan and Lou!

What is your clinical background?

Lou: I have worked in many training and education roles with a clinical background in general nursing, PHC and Renal including Dialysis, completing my post-graduate certificate in Nephrology in 2010 whilst working in the Kimberley’s.

I have been responsible for the development and delivery of training and education packages and resources for medical staff, patients, and communities.

I recently spent two years working in Hong Kong as a Regional Clinical Specialist before returning to Australia.

Shannan: I have worked across many areas.

I started my RN career in theatre, spent a couple of years specialising in mental health, then returned to general nursing as a permanent pool nurse, working in medical, surgical, oncology, palliative care, ED.

In private sectors, I have worked in occupational health clinics, and as a nurse on mine sites and international cruise ships.

Have you worked in Rural and Remote locations?

Lou: Yes, I have worked in many different rural and remote locations including working in clinics across the East Kimberley when I lived in Kununurra for almost 4 years.

I have also completed agency Nursing contracts across QLD including Mornington Island, Yarrabah, Mt Isa, and Palm Island and I have of course worked from time-to-time in my hometown of Longreach.

Shannan: I completed QLD Health’s rural and remote certificate in 2011, and have since worked in locations such as Hughenden, Miles, Hillston, Clermont, Biloela and Jabiru.

What do you do as part of the Affinity Clinical Education team?

Shannan: I created the Affinity Clinical Education platform in 2020, and now Lou and I continue to create courses and learning modules for our rural and remote nurses to complete.

The ability to provide options for practical assessments, especially remotely assessing ALS, has been a highlight!

What are you excited about for the future of Affinity Clinical Education?

Lou: Building more interaction with our nurses and helping further develop the Affinity community.

I am also excited to be able to provide our nurses with education that further develops their knowledge and gives them the skills and confidence to work in remote areas to help improve patient outcomes.

Shannan: To continue to find creative ways to provide education and clinical support to all nurses, regardless of their location.

What is your favourite part of being a nurse?

Lou: The variety of work available and career pathway options, nursing really can take you anywhere.

Shannan: I love the ability to take the profession anywhere, and the diversity which enables us to change directions and/or specialties and undertake study further. I love variety!

The Affinity Ed team have added immense value to our services and your rewards as an Affinity agency nurse. 

Email your placement consultant if you want to experience these amazing Education opportunities!

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