Meet RN Bridget: Falling in Love With the Kimberley

A woman with short hair sitting on the edge of a cliff with her camera

RN Bridget

7 years nursing experience

1. How has your time been at the Kimberley?

The beauty of the Kimberley can be hard to put into words, and I was not expecting to fall in love with the area as much as I have.

From the breath-taking natural landscapes, the rich indigenous culture, and the welcoming and friendly locals, the Kimberley has become my favourite home away from home.

There is a saying here in Fitzroy Crossing that if you swim in the Mutuwarra (Fitzroy) river you will always come back (I think it might be true!) 

2. What have you got up to in Western Australia?

There is always something to do or somewhere to explore in the Kimberley.

I have spent weekends swimming freshwater swimming holes in Kununurra, watching the sunset and taking a camel ride on Cable Beach, fishing for freshwater Barra, and camping in some of the most spectacular places.

My favourite trip was to Prunululu national park where we flew over the Bungle Bungle ranges and then explored both Cathedral Gorge and Echidna Chasm on foot. It is an absolute must see if coming to the Kimberley. 

Left: Bell Gorge. Right: Echidna Chasm

3. What do you enjoy most about the travel nurse lifestyle?

I have loved the flexibility and being able to explore this beautiful country.

4. You are currently on your 2nd placement with us – what has been the highlight of working with Affinity so far?

Everyone at Affinity has been a pleasure to work with and they really go out of their way to ensure that you have the best placement experience possible. 

5. You have taken many beautiful photos! Do you have a favourite shot? What’s the story behind it?

This is a hard one to choose. I think my favourite would have to be a shot that I took of a boab tree while on contract in Derby.

Boab trees are a Kimberley icon and their only living relatives are found in Africa. I also love the colours of the sunset in the background of the shot, there is nothing quite like a sunset in the west. 

6. What advice would you give other nurses who want to do travel nursing?

Take the plunge and go for it! It will be the best decision that you will ever make.

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