Meet RN Rebecca: The Big Queensland Adventure

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Above: The RFDS flew in to manage and transport acutely unwell patients.

RN Rebecca

8 years nursing experience

When it comes to ticking off your bucket list in Queensland, we’ve picked RN Rebecca as nurse of choice when you need a list of things to see and do!

Read about her Queensland adventure in this month’s Nurse Spotlight.

1. How has your time been in Mt Isa?

My time in Mt Isa has been a huge adventure. I was working in the COVID Vaccination clinic, which gave me the chance to work in many different health settings. I went to many small Indigenous communities like:

  • Dajarra
  • Doomadgee
  • Julia Creek
  • McKinlay
  • Cloncurry

I was lucky enough to meet some amazing staff, and I have experienced the beauty of our Indigenous culture here in Australia! 

2. What have you been up to in Queensland?

I have been on a big adventure! I drove out to Mt Isa with my 4WD and experienced our beautiful landscape and wildlife in Queensland.

Some places I visited and things I saw were:

  • Lake Moondarra
  • Old Mary Kathleen Uranium Mine
  • Riversleigh Fossil Discovery Centre
  • Hard Times Mine tour
  • Crocodile Dundee’s Walkabout Creek Hotel in McKinlay
  • Richmond Fossils
  • Saw a Julia Creek dunnart
  • The famous camels of Mt Isa

When I left my first placement in Tasmania, I quickly went back up to Queensland through some amazing country to beat the lockdown borders (Thanks COVID). 

3. What do you enjoy most about the travel nurse lifestyle?

I feel like I am always on a big adventure; it allows me to travel and see Australia and see all that’s up for offer. 

4. You are currently on your 4th placement with us – what has been the highlight of working with Affinity so far?

I have enjoyed working with Affinity; they have supported me though all my placements and made sure I can experience everything on offer at each placement.

5. You have taken many beautiful photos! Do you have a favourite shot? What’s the story behind it?

I have too many photos that I love, but I think my absolute favourite would have to be holding a baby Tasmanian devil, adopting one, and helping these beautiful creatures. He was the most gorgeous thing and a huge bucket list item. 

6. What advice would you give other nurses who want to do travel nursing?

Just go for it. We only live once, and don’t forget to stop for coffee. 

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