Meet RN Danielle – Cooking up adventures in Cooktown 

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RN Danielle

12 years nursing experience

Lover of warmer winters and adventures off the beaten track, RN Danielle has worked in several countries during her nursing career, before ‘settling’ down with agency nursing in Far North Queensland. Here’s everything that makes her Aussie adventure a highlight!

1. How long have you been nursing for?

I’ve been nursing for 12 years now. I did my training at home in Canada, worked there for a few years, and then moved to NZ to work in Wellington.  

Eventually, as most NZ nurses seem to do, I came to Australia chasing more money. I did a couple of years of agency work before having a home base. At this point, I went back to NZ for another year before settling in Cairns. I loved Cairns – such a nice lifestyle, but after a few years, I decided to go back to the agency life for a bit more diversity. 

2. How has your time been at Cooktown Hospital?

I’ve really enjoyed Cooktown; I’ve spent the latter part of the last year doing back-to-back contracts there.

The permanent team is so welcoming, with a good skill mix. The hospital has such a nice relationship with the community – it really fosters a great experience.

3. You’ve worked in Queensland for most of your journey – what are your favourite things to do?

I have to say my favourite part of Queensland is the true lack of winter – I make a terrible Canadian! I’ve loved all the waterfalls and nature to explore in Far North Queensland (FNQ).

Up in Cooktown, the water really steals the show – everyone spends as much time as possible out on the water. I spend a lot of time walking my dog at the botanic gardens or at Finch Bay. 

4. What has been the most interesting presentation you’ve seen so far?

After 12 years in ED, I’ve seen all sorts of wild presentations, but the most interesting is sepsis. We see a lot of it in FNQ, and I’d say it’s one of our most common presentations. Despite being very unwell on arrival, they improve pretty quickly with treatment.

5. You will soon be on your 16th placement with us – what has been the highlight working with Affinity so far?

I’ve enjoyed working with Affinity the variety of contract options has been the highlight. I’ve never gone without when I need a contract. 

6. You’ve taken many beautiful photos! Do you have a favourite shot? What’s the story behind it?

My favourite photos are always sunset photos. The sunsets in Cooktown are incredible. Bonus points if my dog is in them!

8. What advice would you give other nurses who want to start travel nursing?

In terms of advice for new agency nurses, I’d say try to go with the flow of each hospital, be friendly to everyone – especially the support services staff, and the faster you learn their storeroom the faster you’ll feel comfortable!

Life as a QLD travel nurse is one that is lived to the fullest like RN Danielle!

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