Becoming a Nurse Immuniser

Nurse immunisers have been the flavour of 2021, and have played an integral part of the pandemic response across Australia, including travel nursing. 

They are qualified and approved to administer many vaccines to adults and children, including COVID19 immunisations.

Immunisation courses cover a large portion of yearly CPD points, which broadens job prospects and offers new opportunities for your travel nursing.  

These clinical areas are where nurse immunisers are required:  

  • Community nursing  
  • Child and family health  
  • School nurses 
  • Hospitals  
  • Vaccination hubs  

How to become a nurse immuniser

There are many courses available, but the most important thing to consider is where you are looking to immunise.  

Each state and territory vary in requirements and available courses. Consider your options to determine what works best for you before committing to a course.  

Source: Crana Plus

Upskilling to the COVID-19 Module  

RNs who wish to administer COVID-19 vaccinations must complete the National COVID-19 vaccination education program. These are free, accredited training modules available to all nursing professionals. Once complete, you can administer vaccines with the supervision of Core COVID-19 training modules, covering:  

  • COVID-19 introduction 
  • Handling and storage  
  • Communication and purpose 
  • Multi-dose vial (MDV) training 
  • Documentation and reporting 
  • Safety and surveillance monitoring 

Additional COVID-19 training modules include, Pfizer/BioNTech (module available), Oxford University/AstraZeneca (module available), and Novavax.


Where does Affinity get immuniser roles? 

Rural and remote clinics, child health, community nurses and vaccination hubs make up for a huge portion of Affinity immuniser roles. 

Child Health immunisers are requested within Tasmania, Torres Cape, and the Kimberley Region of WA. COVID vaccination positions have recently boomed in Northern NSW, and continue popping up across regional centres in WA and the NT.  

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