Crossing the Ditch – From NZ to AUS

Besides buying a cork hat and brushing up on your Aussie vernacular, what else do you need to be ready to work on the other side of the ditch?

Firstly, AHPRA:

To work as a nurse in Australia, you will need to apply through AHPRA for your registration. AHPRA stands for the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency. Generally, this can take six (6) to eight (8) weeks, so please lodge it well in advance as we cannot secure you a role without this approved!

For more information on AHPRA click HERE.

What else?

Your recruitment consultant is dedicated to help prepare you for your transition to our shores. They will help guide you through the registration documents starting with an Australian criminal record check. This is imperative, even if you have never worked in or traveled to Australia, and you will be unable to commence your contract without this approved. We recommend allowing up to four (4) weeks to complete this to make sure you start your contract on time. Talk to your consultant today for detailed instructions!

Working rights?

NZ passport holders do not need a visa to work in Australia. However, make sure to communicate with us about your queries and supply us a copy of your passport so we can advise you how best to proceed. If you are a NZ citizen and do not have a NZ passport, you may want to seek advice from your local working authority.

Clinically similar:

Fortunately, Australia and New Zealand have comparable health systems and health concerns. Most key health concerns – mental health, cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes, musculoskeletal and dementia – share similar underlying factors; smoking, poor diet, lack of physical activity, drug and alcohol abuse. As such, our NZ nurses find the transition quite smooth and quickly pick up on the slight variances with drug names, paperwork and computer systems.

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