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Yes, you’ve heard the news – you can now start a South Australia adventure with Affinity! Yorke Peninsula is one of the top locations to add on your list. This picturesque area is packed with natural beauty and drool-worthy local eats!

Soaking up that vitamin sea on a day off and filling your plate with some of the best delicacies Yorke Peninsula has to offer for a perfect day off.

Here’s where you’ll find some of the best local go-tos in the Yorke Peninsula.

Photos credit: North Beach Kitchen

Cafe: North Beach Kitchen

Beach vibes and all-day brunch? Yes please!

When you hit up a place with such a beautiful coastline like Yorke Peninsula on your travel nurse journey, you will have to make the most of it…this cute little cafe just hits the spot!

Photos credit: North Beach Kitchen

Imagine sipping coffee while soaking in the beautiful views, or munching on the classic big brekky by the beach with a long beach day to follow. Sitting on the bar with delicious food, all your troubles can just fly away (temporarily).

If you’re after something with different flavours, they also serve authentic Banh Mi and Pho – we can never get enough of that pork crackling!

Cafe: The Smelter

Just minutes from the water, The Smelter is perfect for you to swing by to get your fix on a beach day. Cosy is the perfect description for this cafe, and the natural-looking decorations just builds an ambience of relaxation.

Photos credit: The Smelter

They have something for all tastes, and you can always spot some of your favourites from their menu. If you opt for a simple but flavour bomb of a breakfast, kick off your day with the warm Mediterranean baked eggs with a cup of coffee.

Their Pulled pork chili con carne or Smoky BBQ charcuterie board is a must-try if you are in the mood for a wholesome big meal.

Italian: The Bellagio Family Restaurant

Say ciao or hola to this fabulous restaurant if a taste of Italy and the Mediterranean is more your vibe! The Bellagio Family Restaurant serves up with delicacies that will take you on a delicious journey.

It’s a local favourite, known for their high quality food and affordable price. It’s so hard to pick just one dish, but you can’t go wrong with their signature dishes like seafood paella, pork tenderloin and house-made pastas.

Photos credit: The Bellagio Family Restaurant

Nothing beats a nice and warm meal after a sunset walk. All we can say here is remember to unbuckle your belt!

Seafood: Pacific Estate Oysters

Heads up oysters lovers – make your way down to the southern east coast of Yorke Peninsula and get ready to snap some freshest oysters you’ve ever had!

Join the crew to be a deckie for a day and wade out into the ocean and indulge in oysters, straight from the source.

Photos credit: Pacific Estate Oysters

You will also learn about the oyster breeding process and how to shuck like a pro. Just imagining enjoying the sea breeze while slurping on fat, juicy oysters – this is sure to be a highlight in your travel nursing journey.

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