Here’s why you should tick off Esperance next on your bucket list!

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Imagine your favourite coastal spot. You’re sitting by the ocean, chowing down on fish & chips as the fresh breeze goes over your face, watching the sunset gradually turn from blue to pink to orange. Where are you?  

For us, we’re in Esperance, WA! And this should be next on your list if you haven’t had the chance to visit this stunning spot.

Nestled in the Goldfields region of WA, our nurses and midwives love coming here not only for its roadtrip-worthy scene, but the amazing teams you get to work with at the facility. 

You can take it as easy or as busy as you like

Chill schedule or chockas schedule, Esperance has a sublime mix of activities and sights to experience should you make the decision to do something every day or not. 

Because everything is in such close proximity to each other, you can fit in a half-day of activities, like a morning trip to Cape Le Grand National Park (40min drive from the hospital).  

You can spend the first half of your day at the outlook, looking out towards the ocean and being a mere 3,640km away from Casey Station in Antarctica… 

Eleven Mile Lagoon, Esperance, captured by RN Sarah

For a more laid-back trip, watch the dolphins frolic in the crystal blue waters at one of the many beaches here.  

For a full adventure, hop in your car, or on your bike, and ride down the coastline on the Great Ocean Drive. Stretching only 40km, it’s not to be confused with Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, which spans 664km! This return trip can easily fill your day with stops for snaps and snacks along the way. 

When it comes to the hospital, it’s quite literally less than a 10-minute walk to Woolworths or the beach. Being one of the friendliest places to be on-foot, you’ll have the sound of the ocean close by wherever you go! 

Check out Pink Lake (Esperance) or Lake Hillier  

One of the most popular things to do in Esperance, these lakes are an amazing phenomenon to behold, and it’s still hard for us to pinpoint what exactly gives these lakes a bubblegum pink hue.  

Some sources state it’s from a mix of algae called Dunaliella salina and Halobacterium cutirubrum, both found in high-salinity bodies of water. 

Thanks to the amount of salt and light from its environment, the algae then take on a hue called beta-carotene. Pink for short.  

Pink lake, captured by RN Di

You have two options for witnessing these fascinating phenomena. The first lake is within a 10-minute vicinity of the hospital again, wrapping around Eleven Mile Beach Road.  

The second lake, Lake Hillier, is a bit further out of town on Middle Island and will get you a beautiful birdseye view. So, organise a flyover in a helicopter to get some once-in-a-lifetime snaps of this untouched lake! 

To the East: Take your 4WD to Alexander Bay 

This semi-secluded bay greets visitors with the crisp sound of ice-blue waves and talcum-white sands.

The coastline is framed by fantastic geological structures, even Google Maps street view hasn’t been there yet! They mean it when they say the campsite road is only accessible by 4WD.  

Pop your camping setup down and prepare your camera kit for some truly joyful sunsets and sunrises, and jump into your favourite outdoor activities like surfing, fishing or bushwalking. 


To the West: Visit Quagi Beach and Starvation Bay 

If you’re without a 4WD, head the other way from Esperance towards stunning Quagi Beach Campsite.

With shallow rockpools and easily recognisable yellow stairs leading you down to another snow-white beach, this spot is just as brilliant to enjoy your outdoor adventures.  

When you’re ready to pack up again, head further east towards Starvation Bay Campsite, where you won’t be starved of any fun times!

Bring all your gear and catch your lunch or dinner, or perhaps you could check out the wildflowers with a self-driven road tour. 

Catch a wave, but not at the beach 

Worth a day trip in itself, the famous Wave Rock is the very top spot why nurses and midwives love this location.

It makes for some beautiful photos you’d want to hang on your wall thanks to its sandy beige shades. It’ll be perfect to go with whatever colour scheme you have in your place of residence! 

Credit: RM Immi
Starvation Bay Coastline, Esperance, Western Australia

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