The Great Far West of NSW

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Nursing in NSW gives a charm like no other. An underrated region of Australia, it carries the largest number of hospital and health services in the country! You know what that means?  

A never-ending pool of open roles for every clinical area… these can quite literally, ‘pool’ in the form of fresh, relaxing waterfalls, or the best-kept beaches in the country! Then you have the breezy countryside for something different under your feet.  

Here’s a few ins-and-outs we’re letting you in on!  

The views are a bit different here

If you’re a film buff who loves to scratch the itch of seeing movie locations in person, the fantastic Far West is a place you can’t miss out on. 

If you enjoyed 1994 classic Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, perhaps a contract in Broken Hill is the place for you. It’s home to The Palace Hotel, where you can visit and see it in all its glory. 

Then, you could even pop up near Silverton, home to the Mad Max Museum! Meet life-sized characters, dressed from head-to-toe in the famous costumes, along with the original & some replica vehicles. There’s some great sights to behold if want to see the impact this movie had on the region! 

And to top it off, the film crews graced the Silverton Hotel to film Mission Impossible! This place is nothing short of an epic adventure and hub of rich history.  

Uncover shiny, white opals at White Cliffs

We think of outback Australia as a red plain, but what if we told you there was a town covered in white mounds, home to one of the only places to find white opals?

One of the country’s oldest commercial opal mining fields, it’s worth some time trying your fossicking skills. Go underground in a working mine with the Red Earth Opal Mine Tour where you’ll be 13.5m below the ground.

Less than a 3-hour drive away from Broken Hill, come here and see if you can pick up a precious gem! 

P.S: If you have tropophobia, we don’t recommend looking at this place from Google Maps satellite view… (you’ve been warned) 

Camping for every camper 

Camping under the stars, anyone? Sturt National Park is the perfect place for whatever way you decide to spend a few nights.

For caravaners, pick between a self-guided drive, or a guided tour with an operator that visits the park. Why not throw on an open fire and put together some s’mores (throwback, we know) to feast on when the day is done? 

Here, you’ll be so far out in the open that you’ll be able to capture some mesmerising night skies, with minimal obstruction!  

In Tiboobura, you’ll find the longest fence in the world – the Dingo Fence. Built in the 1880s, keeping dingoes away was so important to protect the livestock and southern part of Australia.  

It stretches a massive 5,614km from the east to the south-west of NSW. That’s some dedication! 

If you think the whole camping under the stars shebang is a bit cheesy, we got you there too.   

No matter how you like to camp, help yourself to a couple of cheeses, or perhaps try the local cuisine ‘cheeseslaw’ to bring on your journey. 

How’s it different to regular coleslaw? Cheeseslaw is simply a mixture of carrot, cheese and mayo. A delicious flavour bomb on its own or as a topping.  

Now, anyone can tell you all about what things you can find and how great they are. But when you see for yourself, there’s no match! 

Get in touch with us today and start your roundtrip of NSW. 

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