Handy Apps for Your Next Contract


Being an agency nurse, you are constantly on the go. One thing that everyone shares is that you have a phone on contract (if you still communicate via smoke signals or carrier pigeons this may not be the article for you). So, read below for some handy apps that our nurses find useful while on contract. Whether its to get a good night’s sleep in between shifts, have access to your confidential documents or to help to you navigate around Aus! Do you have a secret app that you swear by? Send your recommendation in today!

Smart Receipts
If you are anything like myself, I find it extremely chaotic trying to keep physical receipts and am often left confused, frustrated or sometimes accidentally throw them out. Well this handy app can take the stress and confusion out of completing your travel expenses claim form. Smart Receipts is an app that logs your receipts in an itinerary style manner. Input your cost, the reason for it, take a snap and keep on trucking! Please note we still do recommend keeping your physical receipts just in case you lose your phone.

With it being tax time, may be something to keep in mind for this financial new year resolution!

Nothing is better than sitting down with a cuppa and reading a book on those all-important days off. Or if you are lucky enough to be on placement in a warm coastal location, sitting on the beach reading the latest novel. However, lugging and hauling physical books can break your back and the budget for extra luggage costs. A great alternative is eBooks. There are a number of great apps that will work across all of your devices that allow you to purchase any of the titles that you could get at the bookstore. There are also a number of great free titles as well! We know it doesn’t quite compare to the feeling of having the pages in your hand but we all know flexibility is the key to agency work!

Cam Scanner
We know the compliance requirements can be a stressful part of agency. So, here’s a great life hack of ours; Cam Scanner. It is an app that allows you to take quality and clear photos of documentation and easily convert them to PDF’s to both store and email straight from the app. Getting something certified? Take a photo, edit the picture easily and keep it in your Cam Scanner app. It makes your life easier to take a copy of your ID docs, qualifications etc with you on contract so if you ever need to provide these, it is all at your fingertips!

Having trouble drifting off to sleep or want something to keep you occupied whilst on the road? Try listening to audiobooks or podcasts to let you enjoy the drive or relax and unwind (a much better alternative than trying to count sheep). There are a number of great apps (Audible, Audiobooks.com, Overdrive) that let you purchase the latest books in audiobook format. Otherwise access the thousands of great options on the Podcast app which has something for everyone. Some titles we recently love:

  • Arm Chair Expert with Dax Shephard
  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
  • The Matty Johns Podcast – for all those footy fanatics
  • Serial – for true crime buffs.
  • Pod save the world
  • The Economist Radio
  • Psychology in Seattle
  • The Shrink Next Door
  • No Such Thing as a Fish
  • ABC Radio podcasts: they have one on every topic!

Trip Advisor
Trip Advisor is great for many things including searching for a good coffee, restaurants and planning activities for your days off. It compiles user reviews and rates businesses in local areas. It is also a great way to plan your next overseas trip with your flexible agency lifestyle!

A great alternative to google maps. This app is a user led GPS app that updates you about traffic conditions, back road alternatives and other useful navigation tips depending on the road circumstances. You can even log a travel plan and the app will notify you if the roads are getting busier or an accident has occurred, and you will need to leave earlier than planned – a great use for getting to those all-important flights!

Your own personal travel itinerary creator. Have you got a million emails with flight times, train times, accommodation check in times etc? Why not upload it all into the one app to have a nice and tidy travel itinerary. It saves you both time and wrinkles from frantically searching for those flight times! And if you’re like me and all too often check the flight time once and think I’ve got it locked into my memory, this app may just save you from spending a night sleeping on the floor of Singapore airport (would not recommend).

White Noise App
Find yourself getting too involved in the audiobooks or podcasts mentioned above and just need something to block out noise from the road or share house living? The white noise app is a shift worker’s dream!

If you have any further pearls of wisdom you have learnt on the road and would like to share – email us today!

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