Hobart – Eat Like a Local

Hobart: Tasmania’s capital city with the great back drop of Mount Wellington. The residents of Hobart and wider Tasmania region are well known for their passion for both food and wine (in our eyes a real winning combo!) So, it’s obvious that there are some must trys on your next placement in Hobart. I’m practically drooling at my desk thinking about it!


Not only does Hamlet have an amazing menu and a great motto (It takes a village), they are also doing some great work within the community. Hamlet has a work experience program designed to help those less fortunate (long term unemployed, intellectually/physically disabled and those with language/numerical barriers) develop practical skills to help them have greater opportunities in life. It’s a wonderful program, so definitely get down there and show your support. Not only that, but they source local and sustainable food and everything they do is aimed to promote positive social change. Just look at their photos. It all just looks delicious. So much so, that I actually had to go take my lunch break whilst writing this.


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Harbour Lights Cafe

Talk about eating humble, delicious Italian food in a heritage building from the late 1800s! A convenient 3 minute drive from Royal Hobart Hospital, hit up this next spot for your next post-night shift brekky or brunch, because they’re open 7 days a week.

For the sweet tooth, get amongst the Harbour Lights Granola, guarnteed to tantilise your tastebuds. With locally made granola and freshest seasonal fruit, finished off with creamy yoghurt and honey, there’s nothing like finishing off a wholesome bowl of goodness and thinking “not too sweet”.

On the savoury side, lean towards the Egg Florentine for a good fix of poached eggs, spinach and sourdough, topped with their housemade hollandaise sauce!

Pigeon Hole Bakers

Paddock to Plate; the experience that Pigeon Hole Bakers provide. What else could you expect from Tasmania! Their menu adapts to whatever produce Weston Farm is producing at the time focusing on fresh, wholesome ingredients. Make sure to purchase some of Weston Farm’s famous Peony Petal Jelly whilst at the café to add to your next cheese and cold meats platter. (There will obviously be many whilst tasting the local wines in Tas).


A small neighbourhood restaurant focusing on communal style dinners. You will definitely be in store for an interesting night fuelled with new people and great conversation. Templo prides themselves on their – to quote – ‘unique’ wines, which has me more than intrigued.


Dine in an attic with epic views of the sky and Hobart’s gorgeous waterfront. Mood = set. Mountain pepper fragrant eggplant is my pick of starters. They also have banquet options if you’re happy to let the chef take the lead and all of them look absolutely great. Pork and Bug dumplings with squid ink and chilli oil. Drunken chicken wing, cultured cream and avruga caviar. I am booking my flight to Hobart ASAP.

And the list goes on and on! I can feel a sneaky second edition on Hobart in future.

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