How long does it take to secure an agency nursing job?

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One of our most frequently asked questions is how long it takes to get a nursing or midwifery job. 

Or, how long between joining Affinity can you secure a contract? This is essentially a simple, yet complex question, so read on… 


Flexibility is a huge factor in determining how long it can take to secure a nursing job. We try to meet your preferences, but it could affect our ability to get you a contract. 

New travel nurses may believe that job opportunities are always available in their desired locations. However, it is important to note that the demand for nurses from agencies can fluctuate and become highly competitive. 

Nurses who are flexible with schedules, housing, and location options have a wider range of job opportunities. They can apply for various job openings and locations, which improves their chances of finding a job quickly. 


The paperwork of onboarding with an agency can cause nausea to even the most experienced documenter! Here’s where you can start: 

Your recruiter can help you with advice to make completing your paperwork for your dream job easy and straightforward. We need you to tell us what facilities all over the country need from us when we arrange contracts. 

Unfortunately, waiting to be submitted for a role before you complete your paperwork will likely result in the hospital filling the role with a paperwork ready and compliant nurse instead. 

Carry your qualifications, immunisations, and ID when you travel to avoid any hassle with paperwork. 

Explore the Demand and Job Market

Our recruiters take great pride in sharing accurate information about your nursing specialty, including the location, timing, and demand in the nursing market. 

To have the best assurance of securing a role, don’t be scared to ask about the demand for your skills. Whilst some skills are in demand all year round, other sectors may experience peaks and lulls in demand. 

Some specialties may only be available in certain areas or hospitals, so being open to different locations is important. 

Want to know where you can go? Ask your recruiter for some fact sheets so you can get a picture of the facilities you might call home in the future. 

Trust the Process

Affinity has been serving rural and remote areas for 20 years. We take pride in our simple process for joining our team. Experiencing any hassles or delays along the way Let us know so we can rectify this for you.  

Feeling anxious about securing a role? We want to know, so we can reassure you and talk to you about your options. 

After you secure a nursing job, our logistical team will handle all the final arrangements. Most importantly, they will introduce you to your dedicated Placement Specialist. 

Affinity will be your main point of contact and support. They will ensure a smooth arrival, successful contract, and safe return home. Whether you need a short-term contract or have long-term goals, Affinity will be there for you. Every step of the way, we will be with you. 

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