How to get the most out of your recruiter

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The term recruiter can get a bad rap, so much so that recruiters are now being termed ‘talent acquisition specialists’ instead! Fancy lingo aside, a recruiter can become your closest ally, confidant and most importantly – grants you access to amazing nursing jobs. You might feel like we are a faceless person on the other end of the line – but when it comes down to the bones of it – your recruiter is your passport to travel nursing. So let them get to know you and try to get to know them!

Here are some honest opinions straight from our team on how to get the most of them.

1. Be direct

All niceties aside, what your recruiter really wants from you is to be upfront about your plans, preferences, motives and what drives you to do agency work. It can be confronting and unsettling to give an honest picture of what you want, but we have heard them all before! Doing agency for the financial benefits? We don’t mind if you tell us straight up, there are some locations which have a higher pay rate than other – where are these you ask? You might have to ask your recruiter…

2. Communication

Sounds simple – is the basis of any good relationship. Returning phone calls, sms’s or even a quick email every now and then will help keep the relationship alive. Daily catch ups are not required. But when your plans change, as they often can, just shoot your recruiter an email so they can be aware you’ve changed dates or location preferences. What you might not know is the work that is being done in the background in sourcing your ideal contract – when changing plans, don’t delay in relaying this to our team.

3. Keep an open mind

As the largest provider of agency contracts to rural, remote and regional locations, our team can showcase the roles and locations where your skills are a perfect fit for the facility. If your recruiter mentions somewhere new, ask for more information before you disregard the role. With each facility we look after, there are benefits – whether it is the amazing team we know work there, the 5 star accommodation available or some must see’s in the town itself – there is a lot you can’t tell about a place until you have been and ticked it off for yourself.

4. Be professional and honest

Honesty is the best medicine – especially when it comes to the healthcare industry! Along with creating a friendly, professional and understanding relationship with our recruiters, it will ensure you get the most out of your onboarding process.  Affinity work really hard to create a perfect match for you and the facility – this often involves matching skills sets and the experience on your CV with what the hospital requires. Not confident working in charge? Not signed off on cannulation? Ultimately, knowing your scope and letting your recruiter know your scope will assist in ensuring you aren’t working outside of it!

Be sure to call or email your recruiter if these tips reminded you of anything you need to discuss with them! Check out some of our other top tips for travel nursing.

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