Location Spotlight: Kununurra, Western Australia

Covering an area more than 3 times the size of England, the Kimberley Region of WA is a quintessential Australian experience.  The remote Kimberley Region showcases uniquely Australian landscapes, red dirt, native flora and fauna and should be on any Travel Nurse’s bucket list.

This spotlight showcases Kununurra, the largest town in WA north of Broome. Located among the ranges of the far north-east Kimberley Region, Kununurra holds many natural wonders that need to be seen firsthand.

Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle, the biggest man-made lake in the Southern Hemisphere, covers the size of 20 Sydney Harbours. Located 40 minutes’ drive from the centre of Kununurra, this should be on any travellers to do list.

The sheer size of the lake makes it a spectacular photo opportunity and is home to an abundance of wildlife. While most travellers talk a stroll along the shoreline, Lake Argyle is also a popular spot for kayaking, swimming and fishing. While it is a well-known home to over one third of Australian Native bird species, visitors should be aware it is also home to freshwater crocodiles!  

Infinity Pool at Lake Argyle, by Affinity Nurse Maddie

Bungle Bungle Range

The Kimberley Region is known for its breathtaking natural geological landmarks and the Purnululu Nation Park holds just that. Bungle Bungle Range is a series of sandstone dome formations reaching over 300 meters in height and thought to be over 250 million years old. The massive structure resembles a beehive and can be explored by visitors over foot or by air.

Purnululu national park is also somewhere you can stay overnight, whether pitching a tent or spending the night in the six-star retreat (yes, it goes up to six!). If you are heading there for the photos ops or to indulge in history, Bungle Ranges should be on your Kununurra hitlist!

Amazing shots of Kununurra from Affinity Nurses Dianne and Maddie

Visit Where the Locals Visit – Old River Rum

Hoochery Distillery is the first Western Australian facility that ever LEGALLY produced and sold Rum. Build on the family farm, the Hoochery Distillery was created and built by hand by local Raymond ‘Spike’ Dessert, who saw the rich soils and warm weather of the Kimberley’s a perfect spot to grow Sugar Cane.

Aged in Oak barrels, the Old River Rum is a uniquely Australian creation, made by hand and created with love. Swing by the distillery in Kununurra for a chat to locals and order yourself a homemade, barrel aged glass of Rum.

Kelly’s Knob Lookout

Best way to end a day is to watch the sunset over the town of Kununurra itself. Kelly’s Knob is located only a kilometre walk from town and gives a stunning 360-degree view of the sprawling outback scenery.

The lookout is at about a 191-metre hike from the bottom and can get quite rough in some parts, so is recommended you wear suitable shoes, sun protection and take a water bottle. Or make an afternoon of it, pack a picnic, cold beers and spend some time seeing for yourself why Kununurra has made one of Affinity’s Location Spotlights for 2021.

Amazing shots of Kununurra from Affinity Nurses Dianne and Maddie

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