Why have metro nurses gone rural?

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Many metro nurses have considered rural agency nursing, but haven’t decided to make the move. We get it, it’s a big decision and the unknowns can be frightening! No one wants to rush into working off the beaten track.

Well, we’re not here to persuade you with our own words. Hear it from those who have actually taken the leap.

Check out what those Affinity nurses and midwives have to say about their experiences!  

Get to know them inside and outside the facility:

  • RN Ady:
    I love the people being able to spend quality time with their patients. I love the holistic approach and being able to sit and get to know my patients.

RN Ady

RN Emilie

  • RN Emilie:
    You find the workplace feels more like a family. I’ve always found the smaller towns to be more friendly and open. There are always events or places to see, and you have co-workers or locals always inviting you.
  • RM Nikita:
    You get to know people in the community and people at the hospital a lot quicker. In my opinion, people go out of their way to help you more than the cities; I will never miss driving to the hospital an hour before my shift starts just to get a car park.

    I also love the challenges that come with working rurally, like planning transfers out and managing complex situations; that has definitely developed me as a practitioner.

RN Alecia and Misty vanning it to Albany, WA  @aleciapaige_

When it comes to broadening skills:

  • RN Emilie:
    The benefits of being able to constantly learn and grow as a nurse and experience different situations. With more limited resources compared to cities you get to do more hands-on work and assessments.
  • RM Jennie:
    It’s a great way of gaining experience. Each place does things a little bit differently and you learn all these things on the way.

Work Life Balance:

  • RN Joe:
    The travel nursing lifestyle means I thrive on challenges – may it be in isolation, a new nursing skill set, or ever changing organisational systems and workflows. These challenges keep me going. It helps me be resilient.
  • RM Nikita:
    No-one can deny your leave; you just take contracts when and where you want them.

    You can plan where you want to be for different seasons or events, you can collaborate with friends and work on contracts together, and you can always be around friends and family for special events because you just plan around them!

Pay and lifestyle:

  • RN Anita:
    The pay is fantastic, much more than what you would get working directly with a facility.
  • RN J.C:

    Aside from getting a higher pay rate, provided accommodation and travel (BIG savings for me). I get to see and explore more of Australia, especially the regional and outback areas, places that normally are not in one’s holiday’s bucket list.

RN JC’s adventure in QLD

Testimonials will also help narrow down your list – check our reviews and see how proud we are to keep our nurses and midwives happy and thriving (with some who have been with us over 10 years)!

Any travel nurse you ask will tell you the same thing – just do it. You will wish you had started years ago! Make this the time to head out of your comfort zone and grow.

Register with Affinity today and let’s see where you can go! 

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