Your Must-Have Smartphone Apps for Travel Nursing, According to Our Nurses

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There are millions of smartphone apps on the market, and our phones only have so much space! You’re about to go on your next contract and decide how your trip can be made easier… where do you start?

If you’re an Affinity nurse and part of our exclusive Facebook group, we recently asked our nurses what the best apps are for travel nursing. Here are the ones worth taking up space on your phone for your next trip out of town!

Car next door

Recommended by RN Shannon in The Affinity Nurse Panel*

Want to explore a new area, but put off by the high price of car rental companies?

This first handy recommendation comes in from RN Shannon. Think Airbnb, but for cars. A nifty car sharing concept, you select your vehicle and how long you need it for, then collect your keys from the host and be on your way!

They are partnered with major companies like Ampol and Hyundai, so you can feel safe using their services. Don’t forget to fuel up for the next booking; you’ll get reimbursed for it too. Neat!

*The Affinity Nurse Panel: Exclusive Nurse interviews to talk about everything you need to know for our contract! You can watch them all in our Facebook group.


Be honest – how long have you run on a flashing empty fuel gauge? (Don’t look at me)

This convenient app will not only show you the closest fuel stations’ prices, but you’ll be able to get a glimpse into the fuel price history. The information is crowd-sourced, meaning you get to contribute to the stations’ details. Inputting fuel prices will help others as much as you!

Flight Radar 24

When you’re working in less-developed areas, getting aerial help for your deteriorating patient might take a couple of hours. RN Carol suggests downloading Flight Radar 24 so you can track all the aerial traffic around the country and see how long it will take before help arrives.

If you aren’t tracking aerial assistance, you can even track flights around the entire world and see where they’re heading, so you can add yet another dream location to your bucket list!

Emergency Plus

RN Rebecca has this simple but important app, and you should too! It shows you exactly where you’re located in case of an emergency.

Developed by Australia’s emergency services and their government and industry partners, the app uses GPS functionality to help you share critical details about your location.


Where’s the nearest caravan park? Where’s the nearest dump station? Showers? Points of interest? WikiCamps is the ultimate roadtrip planner, and what makes this even easier to use is synchronisation across devices.  

Start planning your trip on your smartphone and continue on your laptop. Ready for the Great Ocean Road or crossing by Esperance? You’ll want this one handy! 

If you’re keen to get the road again and put some of these apps into action, chat to your placement consultant today!

Want to kick off your travel nursing or midwifery journey with Affinity? Register today!

Please note, most apps have minimum software requirements to run, such as iOS 11 and Android 6.

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