Nursing Contract Packing Essentials

Like a good holiday, knowing what to pack is always a challenge. Overpacking is often inevitable but under-packing is a crime in itself. So, here are our top five nursing contract packing essentials.

Packing Essential #1: Noise Cancelling Headphones

Game changer, seriously. Make sure you buy something trusted and recommended as this is a purchase you will not regret. While you can easily become bogged down in technicalities like passive noise cancelling compared to active, Bluetooth or traditional plug in, over-ear, on-ear, or in-ear, we have made it simple.

Over ear style headphones will offer the greatest quality of sound coupled with noise cancelling to really heighten your experience. Ever been on a plane trying to watch something and having to put subtitles on? Never again.

Bluetooth is also a great handsfree alternative for an active nurse. It is usually similarly priced but infinitely more practical. Similarly, noise cancelling technology is also starting to become commonplace, showing you how popular and useful this feature is.

Packing Essentials #2: A GOOD Camera

Our recommendation is a mirrorless camera with a diverse lens. Mirrorless makes it less bulky and lighter without compromising much on quality; ideal for travelling. In terms of lenses, most cameras have an everyday style lens with a good zoom range. For your first camera, don’t overcomplicate it; start simple and see how you go! Your friends, family, and us at Affinity, will thank you for sharing your travel nursing memories!

Packing Essentials #3: Active Wear

Australia is a diverse country with lots to see and do. As most of this is outdoors, sensible footwear should not be underestimated. If you are into hiking, you probably already have a purpose shoe with good ankle support. If not, a general runner should work in most instances. Just bear in mind, if you roll your ankle or break a toe, not being able to work may be the least of your concerns if stuck alone in the middle of the bush.

Clothing is often the biggest headache when packing. We recommend you put aside some room for at least one set of active clothes and a swimsuit. Like footwear, sensible, practical clothing will go a long way to maximising your time and enjoyment away from work.

Packing Essentials #4: Water Bottle

It should go without saying, but your water bottle often misses out on the holiday. Invest in something sturdy and environmentally conscious to help the battle against single use plastics. Something with insulation is our recommendation, transforming your water bottle into a thermos and a fridge. Not much beats ice cold water a few hours into a hike!

There are lots of different lid types and handle options but try not to be carried away; most water bottles are the same size for a reason!

Packing Essentials #5: Entertainment

It may not be at the forefront of your mind when packing, but something to stave off boredom is a priority. Books (electronic or traditional), tablet devices or computers are all great options – just don’t forget chargers!

A travel guide is also a good idea, particularly if you have never been to the destination before. The guide will ensure you make the most of your contract and experience the destination like a local. We love living vicariously through you so make sure to explore fully!

Interested in travel nursing? Register here with Affinity today to find out more, and click here for more travel nursing tips and tricks!

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