Suitcase and Packing Hacks

Are you packing for a contract and finding the airline baggage limits restricting? Or perhaps you’re one of those people who always packs too much when travelling? Read on for some tips to help you pack lighter, avoid extra baggage fees and make Marie Kondo proud!

  • Use a Packing Checklist

Write a list of the most essential items you need to take. Only include things that you absolutely cannot live without or as Marie would say ‘bring you joy.’ This is also helpful to ensure that you don’t forget anything important when packing.

  • Be Realistic

Don’t pack items of clothing you don’t normally wear, as chances are you won’t wear it while you’re away. Only pack clothes you know you are going to wear. You don’t want to waste suitcase space on items that won’t see the light of day. But don’t forget your Affinity Blues!

  • Different Location; Different Packing Needs!

Headed to a regional facility or a remote location? You will need to pack differently. Make sure you check out our fact sheets about the location, to see what shops/facilities are there. If you are one of these people with your own creature comfort items such as a specific brand moisturiser or a special brand purple shampoo – be sure to bring it along with you when going to rural or remote locations. The regional and larger rural locations will have all your major stores but be sure to check out the fact sheets or check in with your placement specialist!

  • Purchase Some Suitcase Organisers

They are a great way to sort out your luggage, keeping it neat and organized – allowing you to fit in more. You can get great zip-up bags which separate your dirty clothes from your clean, section your items and also make everything easy to pack/unpack at your contract destination. They are available at any large department store or specialised luggage stores. 10/10 would recommend.

  • Bring Half of What You Pack

Set out everything you’d like to take with you and then remove half. This will help you prioritise what’s most important to pack. Sometimes you need to be ruthless!

  • Roll Your Clothes

Instead of folding- roll your clothes. This helps condense them and will make more room in your suitcase. It also even helps to prevent creases from occurring.

  • Pack Socks Inside Shoes

Try packing your socks inside your shoes. Not only will that save space in your bag, the socks will help your shoes retain their form and prevent the shoes from getting squished in your bag.

Like all things the more contracts you do – the easier it will be to pack/the more prepared you are.
But we’d love to hear your tips on packing for contracts. Send them in today!

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