Torres and Cape Adventures

The Torres & Cape region in Far North Queensland is one of our most requested or enquired about regions. But it is easy to see why! Escape the normal hustle and bustle, enjoy the rugged scenery and live the adventurous life that you have always wanted.

So how do you get the most out of your time working in this region? Here are a few well learnt tips and advice from some friendly locals:

1. Drive if you can:

Firstly, the Torres and Cape region is all about outdoor adventures. So, having a car gives you the freedom to really explore and see it all.

Torres and cape driving through the dirt roads of bamaga
Driving through the dirt roads of Bamaga

The best part about this region is that you can go places where it feels as though you are the first human to be there in a long time. Feel the solitude in the vast landscapes. Unfortunately, this isn’t an option all year round so ensure that you do your research or speak with our Logistics team, because the wet season means that roads get cut off and you may get stuck in paradise (what a shame). So, best time to tackle it is the dry season which runs from May – October.

2. Camp, camp, & camp:

Above all, going camping in remote places really gives you the best chance to understand why people love the Torres and Cape region. Borrow a tent, drive to a great spot with friends, get your campfire going, and enjoy the time in the wild. It is such a great stress reliever too. Our Affinity nurses work hard so take the time to stop and rejuvenate – you won’t regret it!

3. Make friends:

Thirdly, if you enjoy your time in the Torres & Cape region, you are likely to return again and that goes for other nurses too. So, make the most of it and create some life long connections. Chances are you will see them again either in this region or another. Connecting with some locals is also a really good way to find out about some great hidden gems or things to do and see! (Fill us in on any new tips!)

4. Explore:

Lastly, here are some great recommendations and must do’s from some Weipa locals:

Torres and cape fruit bat falls is in the remote area of north queensland north of cairns
Fruit Bat Falls is in the remote area of North Queensland, north of Cairns

Fruit Bat Falls – Enjoy a nice cool off at Fruit Bat Falls which is a clear spring fed from Eliot Creek. Chances are you have seen photos of this place and for good reason. So, it is a definitely a staple, and only a short board walk from the car park.

Penne Father Beach– Penne Father is a beach north of Weipa great for camping, fishing or just a day out. You will need a 4WD as it’s only accessible by dirt and sand tracks. But well worth the trouble and you are guaranteed to see some crocs!

Torres and cape the northernmost point of Australia
The northernmost point of the Australian continent

Hiking to the Tip– Get your obligatory Instagram shot at the northernmost point of Australia. Tag Affinity on Instagram or FB if you do! Low tide provides best access so you can stroll along the beach. It is about a 40 min drive from Bamaga to reach the starting point.

Camping at Punsand Bay– Above all, a great base for a camping or adventure trip. Punsand Bay is situated 5kms west of the tip of Cape York and is the northern most address in Australia. Also, this campsite provides easy access to local watering holes, 4WD tracks, fishing charters and Island tours. So, it’s no question why Punsand Bay gets great reviews!

Old Telegraph Track – So, for those who are adventurous and brave enough to tackle some 4WD’ing, the Old Telegraph track is the spot to do it! In short, it has a number of obstacles and difficulty levels to really sort the women from the girls! It is an 82km track which can be done in a day trip or overnight. But, make sure you have the right gear, have a reliable vehicle and travel in a group! If you are venturing with the one vehicle, try joining a fleet. There are plenty of options out there to make sure you make it to the end in one piece.  

However, if you prefer a less adventurous take on life, grab some friends, pack a picnic and sit by the creek (any creek it doesn’t really matter) and enjoy what agency life has to offer.

Thursday island
Thursday Island
Cape tribulation
Cape Tribulation

So, have you recently been up in the Torres and Cape region, or have recommendations on things to do in the Cape? Message us today at !

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