Urban Myth: The More the Merrier

It’s a common belief in agency nursing that it pays to be with several agencies at any given time. The logic behind the decision is somewhat understandable, but is it really the best approach?

From a recruitment consultant’s perspective, and from one who has been working in this industry for 15 years, I can tell you that loyalty to one good agency is a far better way to go. You could compare having an exclusive agency versus multiple agencies, to a marriage, as opposed to an open relationship!

Below are some of the best reasons why it’s good to get “engaged” with a preferred agency:

1. Your Agency Knows You

Partnering with a specific agency means that your consultant knows your preferences for work, travel and other considerations. You don’t have to waste time constantly explaining your requirements and preferences- as there is a relationship between you and your recruiter.

At Affinity, having a great relationship with your consultant is everything to us. We pride ourselves on being nurse focused with friendly and personable service. The benefit of having ONE dedicated consultant means you are not dealing with a multitude of people every time you are available. Your consultant can really understand your goals, your values and where it is that you want to take your career.

2. There’s trust

A good Nursing agency consultant wants the best for you professionally and will act in an ethical and open way in all communications with you and on your behalf. Unfortunately, not all agencies operate in this way. It is quite common for financial commissions to motivate decisions by some consultants- does your agency have your best interest at heart? At Affinity we are proudly a non-commission-based agency. We focus solely on ensuring that it is the right fit for you and the facility.

Choosing an ethical agency with a reputation for integrity and openness is paramount- as ultimately it is your name and reputation that is being represented. It’s also your precious time in an unfamiliar location- away from family and friends, that’s at stake.

3. There’s commitment

Is your consultant rarely there when you need them? Are they not available for calls and non-responsive to your emails? Are they sending you job options or explaining any reasons why there may be a lull in vacancies?

 A good consultant will value your time and knows that in the competitive industry that is agency nursing, delays in responding to you can and will cost jobs. They will also keep you appraised of your job options and updates with your applications.

In turn, a good candidate will appreciate that their consultant works incredibly hard on their behalf and will keep their availabilities, plans and preferences fully up to date at all times.

At the end of the day, for agency and nurse alike, there’s no contract if there’s no contact!

4. It’s a small world; smaller than you think

Candidates who are not committed tend to gain a reputation for flakiness with clients, and their “applications” are often viewed with scepticism. Often their CV has been sent to a myriad of clients- and very regularly by different agencies. This type of over-application can tend to dilute a nurse’s reputation for reliability in the market. Whether it be NUM’s, DON’s or HR departments, it creates confusion when there is a lack of transparency or clear communication from the candidate and unfortunately it often doesn’t work in the nurses’ favour. Which agency should they respond to? Which will take priority? Instead it can be easier for them to opt for a different nurse altogether.

5. it takes the stress off you

Don’t try and juggle more balls than you need to. Let us do the hard work. Dealing with multiple agencies means having to coordinate more information, more references, more applications, more submissions, more logistics, more claim forms, more paperwork; more problems! Let the one agency handle everything for you. That is what we are here for after all! The goal is to give you the most stress free, enjoyable and rewarding career that we can. Let us focus on you!

6. you give us the time to find the right role for you

When you are putting agencies on a first come, first serve basis you may not get the best role. You sometimes opt for the quickest or first role that can be secured. Being with the one agency gives your placement specialist time to find that wish list location, or the best role that aligns with your career progression plan. Allow us the time to reverse market and wait for the right order to come through. Don’t settle for speed over substance. We are here to find the right role for your career and your skill base- so let us do this!

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