Van Life – Ellie & Seamus


1. What made you want to travel and work together & how did you hear about Affinity?

We both love to travel and we are nurses, so it’s a win win situation. The nursing is very similar to NZL, so we’ve found it easy enough to transition over. During these times, it’s hard to travel the world but Australia has so much to explore and experience. We are really lucky to still be able to travel and work at the same time even during a pandemic!

We bought a 4WD van that we travel around in between contracts, it has awesome capabilities and is all set up to go fully off the grid. We heard about Affinity through other nurses in NZL, lots of Kiwi nurses are with Affinity!

2. Is the agency lifestyle what you expected? How does it differ from working full time back in NZ?

Initially we thought it was going to be a challenge to find contracts as a couple and with the preference of coastal areas. So far, it’s been easier than expected! We haven’t had to be split up or go inland, which is really nice. All accommodation has been sorted for us and travel expenses paid for. It’s been epic!

Agency life is truly awesome, we get paid well, looked after and get to travel to destinations that we’ve always wanted to visit! Hospitals and wards remember us as the Kiwi couple that travel in a van 🤣🤣.

3. What has been your favourite destination so far and why?

We have both fallen in love with the South Coast of NSW. For Eloise, it was the lifelong friends and the community of the Bega Shire. The hospital is brand new and all the staff are amazing. We have made such beautiful friends there! For Seamus, it was the consistent surf available and its close proximity to excellent mountain biking tracks. The beaches, national parks and little towns are super quiet and beautiful.

If you’re not doing a contract there, it’s definitely worth a visit! Our favourite things to do were surfing at Middle beach in the Mimosa National Park, drinking wine at Mimosa Winery, mountain biking in Tathra and whale watching through the winter months.

P.S the weather is always insane!! P.P.S Yummy cafes include Blend in Tathra, Mitches jetty in Merimbula and Candelo cafe!

4. Has travelling as a couple been harder than you’d expected? How did you both prepare for this?

Travelling together has actually been easier than expected. Seamus came to Australia first. He found the hardest part about travelling was the loneliness. You don’t have those lifelong friends/family at the start of each contract. So having each other has been a special experience for us to look back on when we’re old and crumbly.

We both share common values and travel interests which helps. Prepare to spend a lot of time together and be each other’s best friend. It’s important to have hobbies other than your nursing job. Making friends in the areas you work in has also helped us.

5. What would you recommend for people looking to follow in your footsteps?

Go for it. We have no regrets. Buying a car has been the most valuable part to our travel. Being able to explore beyond the town you are working in and everywhere between each contract. Regular breaks are also important. It can be easy to burn out if you work too hard for too long.

6. What’s next for you both in 2021? How can Affinity further your nursing aspirations?

2021 is unknown for us, there no point in making definite plans when things change so quickly! Our main priority is to save and travel Western Australia until the world starts to open up again. Ellie wants to swim with a whale shark and Seamus wants to surf every excellent surf break WA has to offer.

We know Affinity can make it happen for us, they’ve been so unbelievably supportive of us and our travels.

P.S we have an Instagram account if anyone wants to follow our travels! @delicadownunder

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