Adrenaline Activities Our Nurses Have Tried

Ever wondered what to do on your time off as a travel nurse? Or maybe just wanted to try something new. Life’s too short to be left wondering and waiting. Check out some of these activities Affinity nurses recommend during your contract!

Swimming with the largest fish on the planet!

Only a few hours north of Carnarvon, you’ll find Ningaloo reef. Australia’s best place to swim with whale sharks. A truly breathtaking experience, these gentle giants cruise past the reef over winter, preceding the migration of the humpback whales. Another incredible option is to swim with the humpback whales escorting their calves to warmer waters. Amazing! Read more about what you can do in the incredible Ningaloo Region here.

Geraldton, the Windsurfing capital…

WA’s opportunities for activities are endless; an adrenaline junkies paradise. A short drive up the coast from Perth you’ll find Geraldton, an incredibly diverse landscape suitable for all levels of experience. RN Brian couldn’t recommend it enough, carving up the waves on his days off.

Facing fears, abseiling in Tasmania!

Not your standard Monday, but why not! RN Joseph tackled the Gordon Dam, plunging 140 metres down the sheer face. With a simple rope and harness, certainly not for the faint hearted! So the questions is, how brave are you?

Chasing the swell down the east coast!

RN Seamus and partner Eloise have been living the dream, travelling in their van as they work their way down the coast. They typify the nursing agency lifestyle with their flexibility and adventurous attitude. Between contracts, why not soak up Australia’s natural beauty, cruising down the coast and living like a modern Australian swagman? 

Do you also seek that adrenaline rush? Send in the activities that get your blood pumping!

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