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Top Tips to Get Your CV to Stand Out

Agency nursing can be very competitive, especially in rural and remote areas where demand for advanced skills is high. Your CV is your first and sometimes only impression on a hospital for agency roles, so you want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward, both with Affinity and for your ongoing agency role […]

Nursing Contract Packing Essentials

Nursing Contract Packing Essentials - Full Suitcase on Table

Like a good holiday, knowing what to pack is always a challenge. Overpacking is often inevitable but under-packing is a crime in itself. So, here are our top five nursing contract packing essentials. Interested in travel nursing? Register here with Affinity today to find out more, and click here for more travel nursing tips and […]

How to get the most out of your recruiter

most out of your recruiter woman talking on phone

The term recruiter can get a bad rap, so much so that recruiters are now being termed ‘talent acquisition specialists’ instead! Fancy lingo aside, a recruiter can become your closest ally, confidant and most importantly – grants you access to amazing nursing jobs. You might feel like we are a faceless person on the other […]

How are Affinity Nurses spending their time in isolation?

How are Affinity Nurses spending time in isolation hobbies at home stay safe flat lay with arts and craft

Although our lives are slowly changing back to some level of normalcy, for nurses travelling interstate specific isolation and self-quarantine requirements are still in place. As part of the Affinity experience we ensure all nurses isolating are checked on during the 14-day period (thank you to our new COVID coordinator Thomas)! During these check-ups we […]