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Fatigue Management for Agency Nurses

Man relaxing in hammock in rural setting to promote Fatigue management for agency nurses

Fatigue management for agency nurses is an important topic for Affinity. We know that our nurses are some of the most hard working and resilient nurses out there, whose odometers would put others to shame. But everyone has their limit. Being self-aware of when you need a break is crucial for mental and physical health, […]

Affinity Nurse Spotlight – RN Juan Carlos

RN Juan Carlos 14+ years nursing experience (5 years Australian experience) I can say Mackay will surely be one of my top favorite contracts, ICU staffs here are all welcoming and supportive, my accommodation is just walking distance and it’s pretty much new and furnished and a minute walk to 24/7 IGA, so can’t complain […]

The Travel Nurse Secret to Success


So what’s the secret to being a travel nurse? Being organised! That’s right, you heard it here first, folks! Agency contracts can fill FAST. To give you an idea: a job can be available and then be filled within 30 minutes. No joke! So what is the best way to ensure you can land contracts […]