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How to get the most out of your recruiter

most out of your recruiter woman talking on phone

The term recruiter can get a bad rap, so much so that recruiters are now being termed ‘talent acquisition specialists’ instead! Fancy lingo aside, a recruiter can become your closest ally, confidant and most importantly – grants you access to amazing nursing jobs. You might feel like we are a faceless person on the other […]

Why reference checks are more important than you think!

Why Reference checks are important Nurse at computer

Reference checks are important! Facilities pay top dollar for nurses who can hit the ground running. So, without referees to support your skills, it makes it near impossible for a facility to determine why they should choose you. References also act as insurance policies, ensuring facilities are choosing the right candidate for both role and […]

How to manage your mental health during COVID-19

woman relaxing with tea manage mental heath covid

Everyone is feeling the pressure during the coronavirus pandemic, especially our front-line health care workers. At Affinity we pride ourselves on the support we provide to our travel nurses and would like to offer these suggestions on how to manage your mental health during the COVID-19 crisis. We hope these tips can assist you in […]

Living in Shared Accommodation – Tips & Tricks

living in shared accommodation friends sitting at table eating pancakes

Living in shared accommodation may be a familiar experience to a lot of you, and remind you of the good old university days! However, if you are taking the leap into agency because you are empty nesting now and it’s been a while since you’ve had to live around others, shared accommodation may seem like […]

Managing Work Conflict – Where to Start?

medical team having a discussion

Sometimes working in new (or even sometimes old teams) can be daunting and challenging when conflict rears its ugly head! Unfortunately, conflict is one of those unavoidable things in life and can spread faster than MRSA in a hospital! More often than not, it is sparked from a small miscommunication that has spiralled out of […]